G Flip @ Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide 7/11/2019

Adelaide can’t get enough of G Flip performing the first of two sold out shows at Lion Arts Factory in support of her debut album About Us. G Flip (aka Georgia Flipo). There’s no doubting the fact that she’s a superstar who’s going place. G Flip can sing, play guitar, play drums and piano and can write and produce some great tunes. The crowd was excitable and the venue was really humming.

Through the white lights G Flip emerged and welcomed every to the G Flip show and she acknowledged that this was the first show on the tour and she was shitting herself starting things off with About You. Full of smiles you couldn’t help but feel that there would be something special about this show. The crowd knew all the words and Lover brought a tear to her eye hearing the song sung back to her. Again, full of thanks to Adelaide for taking her virginity show. Stupid was a massive highlight and G Flip commented that she stopped doing the swear words at all ages gigs but they sung those back at her anyway.

You & I was one or several new songs shared with the crowd and one prompted by her partner to write a new song about them. Arms were waving side to side and everyone got out their phone lights to light up the room. G Flip was impressed having said she never had a phone light moment before. Bring Me Home was a very emotive moment seeing G Flip take to the piano. There was a sense of pride when G Flip introduced her band mates Toothpick (bass) and The Electric Ferntree (drums) who she played every show with and that at the end of the tour they are all going to Bali on holiday.

There were so many important messages behind the song I Am Not Afraid as G Flip explained saying that she wanted to say something empowering, don’t be afraid, don’t be scared to do shit, be yourself and be true to yourself. Lyrically so song and one that clearly resonated with the crowd. The drum solo complete with flashing drum sticks was gold and segway in to Phil Colin’s In The Air Tonight was fantastic.

If there was one song that was going to take the chocolates as one of the memorable highlights from the show it would have to be Tour Song 2016 complete with the back story and all the “bat shit crazy” stuff that happens on tour include her hair catching on fire during sex! New song Real Life was great and the crowd was told there would be no encore as it’s a little cringey but yell now to get it out of their system.

With three songs to go it was Killing My Time, a ripping cover of Jet’s Are You Gonna Be My Girl closing out with Drink Too Much. What a show! Fantastic! There’s no doubt that the upward trajectory will continue for quite some time for G Flip and I’m pretty sure next tour she’ll be playing Thebarton Theatre.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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