Gifted visual artist, songwriter and musician PARKER has announced her iridescent new single Can’t Keep Waiting, a once-in-a-lifetime song, one that soundtracks a grand leap into the unknown and away from everything comfortable and safe. PARKER has also released a cinematic video clip to accompany the track, made in collaboration with director and technology artist Jaymis Loveday (Emma Louise, Ball Park Music) and sculptor Briony Law. Tash Parker speaks about her brand new single.

How has the build-up been leading up to the release of the Can’t Keep Waiting?
I’ve been working on a collection of songs, videos and art projects over the past three years, writing and making every day. Moving to Launceston enabled me the time and space to embrace this stage as a chrysalis. I feel this song is the unfurling of my wings as I awake from a long period of transformation.

Was the process of making your single as challenging as you thought?
I don’t really think about how challenging something is going to be. I just get excited about new ideas and leap straight in. I have definitely been pushing myself to be ambitious with the music art I’m making. When I have a spark of inspiration I just embrace and nurture the song or artwork and follow my instincts until it’s complete.

Sonically, how would describe your music?
This song has a thunder sample as a kick drum, a gunshot as the snare and loads of spacey synth horns. For this collection of songs we’ve used underwater references and filtered sounds so that they feel like they are coming from or travelling through water. The songs are centred around my voice and a personal narrative. I love using counterpoint backing vocal parts to reflect other perspectives or thoughts. The sonic palette Hans and I use comes from extensive discussions around the emotion being represented in the song. We choose sounds that support and enhance that feeling for the listener so each song is quite unique.

Who would you consider to be the biggest influence on your music and why?
I listen to a lot of different kinds of music, read a lot of books and spend time in galleries and at festivals. I’m constantly feasting on inspiring things. But I have to say none of these things influence my music and art practice as much as Silence. Having time and space to contemplate in silence reveals to me what I have to say and create. Authenticity comes from listening to oneself and allowing space from all the distractions and stimulants.

Best piece of advice you have been given?
A few years ago I was working long hours trying to promote my music, tour old material and just generally focusing on the business side of music rather than songwriting and creating new work. Someone said to me. “You are an artist, your job is to make great art”. I realised that instead of spending 10% of my time making and 90% networking, researching, promoting etc. I needed to flip the switch. I joined I Heart Songwriting and started a second private songwriting group with friends and began writing two new songs every week. I also booked in co-writing sessions with everyone I knew so I could spend as much time as possible writing and making. Now every time I get distracted or feel unhappy I remind myself that all I have to do is make great art. That’s it.

What is the PARKER life story?
In 2014 I travelled to Brisbane to do a co-writing session with Hans Van Vliet. As soon as we started throwing sounds down we realised this was a perfect match.

We spent the next two years writing and recording music together and then it was time to find the next member of our team to mix and master the tracks. I was recommended Becki Whitton and she turned out to be a perfect fit. In 2017 Becki began writing with us, producing vocal performances and mixing and mastering all of the songs.

This music was such a departure from the work I had been making under my name (Tash Parker) so it felt only right to give this project a name that was still the essence of who I was but a stronger and braver version. PARKER was born.

Are you looking to tour more broadly?
My ultimate dream is to tour the world. I’d actually love to be the first artist to play a show in outer space too but I think I’ll just focus on prepping for my shows in Australia next year.

What’s next for PARKER?
I am working on a new collection of songs with Becki Whitton and Hans Van Vliet. We have a stack of new songs ready to release next year that I am super excited about sharing. I am currently finishing another music video for my next single with Hans and collaborating with Jaymis Loveday and Norwegian artist Gina Thorstensen on a VR music video. There is a lot of exciting stuff to share with you all.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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