This October / November, Winterbourne will conclude the biggest year of their career to date by touring their hugely anticipated debut album Echo Of Youth.

The imaginatively named Echo Of Youth Tour will take Winterbourne to all corners of Australia (with an embarrassingly large number of exceptions), where they will perform plenty of bops, jams and classic hits to tens of billions of adoring fans. We can confidently say that this tour will be the single greatest achievement in the history of music, but don’t take our word for it. Hi Fi Way speaks to Jordan Brady about the album and tour.

How do you think Echo Of Youth compares to what you have done previously?
The older stuff seems like a journey to what we are doing now. We always had the sound of Echo Of Youth in our heads and it has always been our idea of what a really good album should sound like. Even though we really love those EP’s they were a way for us to get where we want to be. I don’t think it isn’t too much of a departure from what we have done in terms of our goal for what our music is meant to be but at the same time it sounds way better than any of our other stuff. We feel like we have reached a point where we know what we are doing, we can back ourselves to do the kind of music that we believe in.

Was it good to have the time to spend doing it your way?
It has been nice and putting off doing this album for such a long time because we got to do a bunch of touring, a bunch of song writing with different people. We got to have that experience before we committed to doing an album. The record was done with the same guys we did the two EP’s with, producers and players, we have been on the same journey and all felt like we reached the point we knew what we were doing it was just getting in to the studio and make something good.

Were the songs written and structured up before recording them or is there room to change it up as you went?
We left quite a bit of room, we did pre-production and we finished these demos for all the songs. They all had their own vibe and there were things we wanted to changed. We did our pre-production with our producer Andy and we had a loose idea where all felt like it should go but with most of the songs it wasn’t until we got in to the studio that we played them through with the band. We recorded everything live when we started, so we sat down and started playing the song that’s when we found out how the song was going to go. Songs like Too Many which was one of the singles we released was a totally different song, a cruisy nice mellow song. We played it with a band in the room and it became the opposite of that, we loved it so we ran with it. That’s the vibe, a really good vibe where it feels organic and real. We didn’t have to jump in and do over dubs and structure it too much, we just let it happen. It was a good mix of giving ourselves some room to experiment a little bit and having the songs finished before we got there.

Can you believe the journey you have had going from busking four to five years ago to supporting some names and now putting out an album?
These are the things we have to constantly remind ourselves that we have made progress. It can feel like that we aren’t really going anywhere a lot of the time. When you play a show at The Enmore you have to look around and tell yourself you’re playing a show at The Enmore. There was a point in our lives where we thought this was impossible. We have to remind ourselves about every new achievement and milestone in our career where we look around and say this is really cool regardless of the circumstances and how long it has taken to get to this point, we have to appreciate it constantly, we kind of do it but we also forget to do it at the same time because it just feels natural. It is not like a movie where you go from one thing to the next.

How was it touring with Dean Lewis?
It was awesome and I love playing those venues, some of the best venues in Australia. His fans were really receptive and lovely. It was a good time for us and we had already done a tour this year and we were really in to our songs, we played mostly new songs. It was fun, really great. It was a good excuse to get out there and play in front of thousands of people.

Are you looking forward to getting this tour started?
Very much! The longer the record has to come out the more we have been itching to get on the road because we still love these songs. We have been living with them for so long I think releasing the album is amazing and really exciting but also an excuse to get out and play them to people. It will be awesome to have people responding to the songs that have been our personal songs for so long. We love touring and we’re getting better at doing it every time we tour. This is the most exciting one yet!

Interview By Rob Lyon

Catch Winterbourne on the following tour dates…

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