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This December is looking to be a cracker for dance music fans of Wine Machine. Serafino are again hosting a music festival that gets the crowds going and one of the bands playing is Crooked Colours. With recently releasing their new album Vera they’re sure to playing some new songs and all their hits.

Leon De Baughn chatted to Hi Fi Way about Wine Machine and what we can expect from Crooked Colours when they play here in Adelaide December 7.

You excited to be playing Wine Machine this December at Serafino Wines?
I am. Yes, we haven’t been back to Adelaide in about a year and a half. We just released the album this year and we couldn’t squeeze in an Adelaide date unfortunately so it good that we’ve got this one coming up. We love coming to Adelaide and its always a good time there!

You have been to Adelaide a few times before, haven’t you?
The last time we came to Adelaide we played at the Fat Controller which that’s always a crazy place. Everyone gets pretty loose there. That was an interesting night (laughs)

I’m sure everyone will get just as loose at Wine Machine being at a winery and there will be a bigger crowd. Are you looking forward to that?
Well I heard that the Adelaide gig is the biggest one so I’m not sure what time were paying but I heard the crowds are massive there. We’re excited and obviously a little nervous to make sure that everything goes ok.

We like our wineries and music festivals and especially the Wine Machine ones.
A bit similar to Perth. Perth is very similar to Adelaide like that. They love their wines and wine tours (laughs)

Well the Wine Machine gigs are pretty popular here so there’s going to be a big crowd!
Yeah, I’ve heard!

What can the crowds expect from your set?
Hopefully a lot of dancing. We’ve been trying to tailor the sets towards people being able to have fun and dancing and having a good time. That’s what we’ve always wanted our shows to be like. So yeah hopefully a good taste of that!

Do you enjoy playing live?
We do yeah! I guess that’s the joys of doing our kind of music. It’s a lot fo fun to play live and we also like to have a good time with it. We always like to tinker with the songs a little bit for the live side of things. So that’s always enjoyable.

You’ve had over twenty million streams of your new record Vera and have released award winning music videos for all your previously released singles. How do you feel about those achievements?
To be honest its blown us away a little bit to see that we actually have a fan base now. It was always kind of we wrote music cos thought it was fun to do but now we write it because we’ve got fans that like our music. So that’s kind of hard to believe but yeah, we’re really happy with it. We’re really stoked with how everything’s going at the moment.

How long have you guys been together?
It’s been awhile. Its been about five years now. The first couple of years we were just having fun and making music not really releasing it or anything. Once we did the Triple J Unearthed, then we kind of started taking this a little more seriously.

Do you think dance music is still holding strong in today’s Australian music scene? How does it stack up compared to the International artists of the dance genre?
I think its really kind of taking hold at the moment. There’s a real big push for the indie electronic music. I think we’re making the right music at the right time; I think. There’s a lot of festivals that are tailored towards dance music. We’re very grateful for that.

What inspires you or influences you when you create new music?
The first record it was just an instant thing that we made at home and weren’t really considering what it sounded like live but with the second record we were constantly on the road so we wrote a lot of the music to tailor towards playing it live. We tried to make it very danceable. So that was always our intention with the record to push in that direction. So that its great for a festival and great for summer. That’s were we went with that last record.

What’s coming up in the future for Crooked Colours?
We’ve just been in America for the last three or four months doing festivals and our own headline tour so we’re back in Australia for the summers doing festivals. We’re mainly trying to write the next record and get the majority of that done over this Christmas period if we can while we’re all together. So, looking forward to that.

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

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