The Maine @ Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide 18/9/2019

It might of been a Wednesday night but that didn’t stop the fiercely loyal fans of The Maine. With so much negativity around The Maine create a positive space for people to hang out, have a good time and listen to some good tunes. I think it is quite refreshing to see such care this band has for their fans checking in to see if their fans are OK and are having a good time.

Their fans know all the words and sing them back to them with such passion and intensity. They are so fiercely loyal that it wouldn’t matter what anyone wrote about them they would think this was the best concert experience ever. The fans got what they paid for and a whole heap more. The set opened with Slip The Noose and Numb Without You to which lead singer John O’Callaghan asked if everyone was good an recalling memories of playing this venue when it was know as Fowlers Live even pointing to where the stage was suggesting that the venue is much better now. He went on to comment about the white suits which made them “so good” now.

Getting the crowd involved and getting down to the ground seeing how low everyone could go during Am I Pretty? was interesting to see who would and wouldn’t participate before jumping in to the air as the song powered on. The crowd were encouraged to sing-a-long to Miles Away and if you didn’t know the words “just pretend that you do”.

(Un)Lost and Don’t Come Down went down well as did new tune My Best Habit. O’Callaghan loved the enthusiasm of the crowd which peaked again with another oldie in Misery. There is definitely something in a name with We All Roll Along proving exactly that. The Maine hit machine was just getting going. Nice prompter on the video screen in red with white bold text reminding fans “You are watching a band called The Maine”. No doubt it was a tough challenge for the band to squeeze in all the favourites and play the new ones but I’m sure the fans were happy with what they saw.

O’Callaghan said that he “appreciates the shit out of all of you” talking about the early days of the band starting out to where they are now and how appreciative the band is of their fans. Broken Parts and Like We Did (Windows Down) were great moments as was Taxi. With O’Callaghan giving the thumbs up to music he told the crowd not to make any plans as he wanted to keep going for another five hours Bruce Springsteen style. Throw in Black Butterflies and Deja Vu and Bad Behaviour then he commented that there’s still another four hours and fifty minutes left. There was even a teaser of Dancing In The Dark!

Despite wanting to play well in to the night the reality of the show coming to a close was looming. Heaven, We’re Already Here and Another Night On Mars brought things home prompting the final thank you’s and the poignant “it’s good to be a human” from O’Callaghan. No encore but the band did come out to say hi to their fans, pose for selfies and sign autographs which is a nice touch to cap off a good night.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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