Deaf Havana @ Jive, Adelaide 22/8/2019

British alt rock turned hard pop band Deaf Havana rocked Adelaide in a big way. Last time this awesome band was in town was supporting Placebo back in 2017 and since then they’ve delivered their impressive fifth album Rituals.

It was a small but enthusiastic crowd that assembled at Jive who really did seem to know the Deaf Havana back catalogue inside out. The room was filled with smoke and resembled some sort of post apocalyptic haze and just after half nine these likeable larrikins for Norfolk in the UK emerged through the haze. Unbecoming to most is how strong their back catalogue is and they were so good. Repeat, they were so good!

The band looked tired, the jet lag well and truly kicking in with lead singer James Veck-Gilodi later commenting that they have spent more time on flights than off. Even still, they played an awesome show starting with Boston Square, Fever, Hell and Holy. It’s hard to not to be in awe of this band and they come across so humble to be here in Australia with James saying “it is amazing that there’s anyone in the room, we’re from a long way away, I never realised Adelaide was a town, thinking it was an industrial estate”.

The music was left to do all the talking with Cassiopeia, Sing and Mildred to follow. James spoke of being in Japan a few days ago with the weather being around fifty degrees and how much of a relief it was to be playing in much cooler conditions and also asking about what’s it like in Adelaide on a Thursday night prompting some interesting responses from the crowd. Happiness was about being a prick in a relationship and then the discussion on stage turned to on flight meals and how it tastes like dog shit.

Wowsers, Trigger was a massive highlight for me and it seemed like they were wanting to finish in a blaze of glory. The songs Love, Worship, Ritual and Pensacola were brilliant. James said to the Adelaide crowd to tell their friends about them so that they can keep coming back as England was doing his fucking head in! The crowd went in to hyper drive for their massive single Sinner which brought the house down. If you are contemplating about seeing Deaf Havana, do it! They were so good and let’s hope they come back to Adelaide some time soon.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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