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D1GY1F Old vinyl singles. Image shot 2012. Exact date unknown.

So what’s the latest singles in Singles Spin #8? Check out the latest from:

Written, recorded and self-produced in New York, TAPZ brings his trademark grit and spitfire lyricism to new single LUV IS LETHAL. A thundering foot stomper of a tune with an adrenaline-boosting chorus, the track captures the feeling of being trapped within desire and fear.

“We’ve all been stuck in the middle of desire and fear at least once. I wanted to tell the story about the power of a woman’s journey causing her to rebel against love and the inevitable relationship tug of war that comes with that. When it’s all said and done, all that’s left is heartbreak, hurt and egos stripped bare. I learnt a lot through my brush with that ‘LUV IS LETHAL’ emotion. I’ve found peace in its contrast. Unless you open yourself up to new experiences and don’t shy away from pain you’ll forever be stuck in a growth-less loop. I’m still growing.”

Winterbourne today have shared the new video Too Many, the third single from their forthcoming album, Echo Of Youth – Out August 23rd.

The Too Many video was launched last night with Winterbourne and their fans watching the clip together on a YouTube Premiere. It was directed by McLean Stephenson, who also worked on the band’s previous clip for Take The Golden as well as the creative behind videos for City Calm Down, Sarah Blasko and Bad Dreems.

Jordan Brady from Winterbourne says of the video, “Too Many is probably the most ‘band’ song on the album, so it was always going to lend itself to a life performance video. We got our friends and tour-mates Miles and Josh to play the song with us over and over again in a cool room, which we were fine with because it’s so freakin fun to play. Then we ditched the band and walked around singing in Sydney together, because all cool bands walk around singing together that’s just a fact.”

“After zero deliberation we decided to do the video with McLean as we love his style and his approach to directing really suits us and brings us out of our respective shells. We feel that this video really reflects what’s going on in the song. The band wearing black in a white room thing perfectly matches the image that comes to mind when we listen to this song. We think we brought an energy and intensity to the video that works really well, and everyone on the crew and in the team did amazingly considering we had one day to get the whole thing done. We couldn’t be happier with the result.”

As Above, So Below the intriguing debut single for Sydney K-Goth queen BVLLVDS is released today.

Taken from her forthcoming debut EP AperturesAs Above, So Below and the beautifully shot, accompanying video, capture the lush and stylised darkness where BVLLVDS musical spirit thrives. Spacious downbeat electronica, precise and never superfluous, leaving caverns for the engaging vocal tones of BVLLVDS to shine, albeit darkly through.

BVLLVDS will launch As Above, So Below with an exclusive debut performance on August 2nd, 2019 at Knox St Bar, Chippendale with support from DROVES and Russo.

The inimitable rapper/singer/actress/presenter Eve returns with her new banger Reload, featuring Jamaican dancehall legend Konshens.

In what is her first release in six years, the pioneering and genre-defining musician returns with a track which showcases her stand-out and memorable flow across an infectious, reggae-tinged framework. Adopting a syncopated beat, the catchy melody lets Eve’s intelligent lyricism take centre stage whilst Konshens perfectly complements the track with his vocal. A sure-fire way to re-engage her core fans whilst opening her up to the next generation, Reload is the first of more collaborative new music to come.

Adding to their notable discography of rock n’ roll treats, The Delta Riggs are thrilled to return with a new single and space-age video accompaniment, Reality. The single is the fourth offering from the band’s highly anticipated fourth studio album Modern Pressure, out September 6 on Inertia Music.

“’Reality’ is a song for the dreamers about looking inward to create your own change and not getting caught up in the details,” explains guitarist Jesse Pattinson.

GRAMMY® Award-winning rapper Common will release his new album Let Love on August 30, 2019, his debut for Loma Vista Recordings.

In tandem with this announcement, he shared his latest single and music video entitled Hercules [feat. Swizz Beatz]. On the track, he serves up his sharp signature wordplay between soulful backing vocals from Swizz Beatz. Meanwhile, the music video directed by Carrick [Weezer] sees Common thwart a convenience store robbery caught on surveillance camera—in between rapping into his iPhone. Vince Staples makes a cameo as the cashier.

Matt Corby’s first new music for 2019, Talk It Out is a blissed-out and soulful anthem with Tash Sultana, where both of the artist’s own distinctive features shine through, both wholly unique and utterly harmonious.

“I wrote the song during the sessions for ‘Rainbow Valley’, but in a different way to the rest of the album. It didn’t feel like it was a fit for the record so I revisited it with Tash recently” says Matt, who plays all instruments on the track aside from Tash’s guitar. “Tash has a giant musical beast living inside of her, so I knew she could deal with whatever I threw at her. It was amazing to collaborate with someone like that, and have her throw her musical styling’s over the song”.

Tash continues “We originally started having a jam in early 2017, then life came between making music together. This track came about because Matt didn’t include it on ‘Rainbow Valley’. He sent it to me to fill in the blanks, and it’s the first collaboration I’ve done with another artist that I’ve released. Matt is an amazing songwriter and instrumentalist. He’s also an absolutely awesome guy with a huge soul so it was a privilege to be a part of this project.”

In anticipation of their upcoming shows, psych outfit The Laurels reveal the mesmerising visual accompaniment for new single Sound System.

The moody clip sees the band take to the underground to have their fun, abandoning the cultural wasteland that their city has become.

Driven by a syrupy bass line, Sound System is another slice of melodic grunge communicating the extinction of nightlife in our dystopian cities while yearning to reignite the street party. The single is the first release since welcoming bassist and celestial vocalist Kat Harley (Mezko) into the band.

Vocalist Luke O’Farrell explains the space in which Sound System lives “High rise apartments and rent prices loom large over this paean to a future dystopian city, the inhabitants of which are doomed to a lifetime of evenings spent in queues waiting to eat at fine dining restaurants after a round of putt putt golf.” He continues “Sound System finds this group of part-time disc jockeys loading up their van with generators and loud speakers as they seek to reignite the street party.”

Luke Million has returned with his first single in almost two years with the dreamy synth drenched love story Heard it On The Radio – a collaboration between the Adelaide based producer, good friend Touch Sensitive and the incredible Asta.

“The track was born in Touch Sensitive’s studio. We had been jamming on a disco tip for an hour and then decided to drop the bpm and head into the synth wave realm” says Luke of how the track first came to life.

Known for creating intricate worlds through his music and vast synth collection, Luke employed the use of some of his favourites during the writing process “We picked a random patch on a DX7 and the moment I touched the keyboard and the sound came out, the mood was set. We connected with the textures of an 80’s soundscape courtesy of the DX7 being joined with an M1 and the Arturia Fairlight emulation. We new we had something special but the track sat on a hard drive and would not be rediscovered to almost a year later.”

The song also features the ethereal vocals of Sydney based artist Asta – “We have been meaning to collaborate for years now and I knew she would be perfect for this.”

Fresh from wrapping up their debut UK/ European tour, including a critically-praised performance at Download UK, Sydney-based screaming rap-rock-electro-pop mutants RedHook have returned with their new single Only Bones and announced their debut national headline tour. The track was produced by Stevie Knight (Trophy Eyes, Stand Atlantic) and Dave Petrovic (Northlane, Tonight Alive) and mixed by James Paul Wisner (Hands Like Houses, Underoath).

Fuelled by an exotic grooving beast of a guitar riff, Only Bones combines the band’s signature cocktail of guitarist Craig Wilkinson’s EDM-influenced production and thumping metalcore breakdowns, with huge melodic hooks from singer Emmy Mack and a performance that evokes the dark pop theatrics of Marilyn Manson, Billie Eilish and Panic! At The Disco.

Mack admits: “I scribbled down the lyrics to ‘Only Bones’ when I was feeling helpless and desperately shit. Sitting on platform 22 at Sydney’s Central Station with my mind, body and soul worn down to a nub, I was hit by this delirious vision of the people in my life as vultures swooping in to rip off chunks of flesh until there’d be nothing left.

‘Only Bones’ is me venting my frustrations at the bloodsuckers in our lives who don’t care if we’re OK or not as long as we give them what they want, but also at myself for being somehow incapable of standing firm and telling them to kindly fuck off,” she continues.

Fresh from his dynamic set at Melbourne’s Reclink Community Cup and as part of NAIDOC week appearances on TV program’s Playschool (ABC) and Insight (SBS), Baker Boy drops a brand-new video for his single In Control.

Baker Boy says about the video, “It was so much fun getting the kids involved in the video, they were all crazy talented dancers, blew me away!

For me, it was such an obvious choice to have kids and a mini me lead the video to really marry the concept of the song to the visual. Also connecting the kids of T.I.M.E in the chorus back to the video as well!

I wanted to give some kids out there an opportunity I didn’t have growing up as well – you never know this opportunity could lead to really big things for one of those kids or even inspire other kids out there to get involved, believe in themselves and put themselves out there to be chosen for an opportunity like this. No matter young or old, you are in control of your future!”

With the effervescent electro-bop Close To You Feat. Flint Eastwood still ringing around our brains, Melbourne producer Alice Ivy is already back with a new killer collaboration for us to soak up. Having teamed up with fellow Melbourne artist, Ecca Vandal, the duo has delivered the hypnotic new single, In My Mind, that is destined to soundtrack / elevate your next trip.

To celebrate the new release, Ivy and Vandal have also dropped a psychedelic new video featuring the two friends dancing around Australia’s largest cactus garden. The video was directed by Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore, who recently co-directed the essential documentary, Her Sound Her Story, which focusses on the female experience within the Australian music industry.

“The first time I saw Alice Ivy perform, I was taken by her movement on stage,” says Sangiorgi Dalimore. “It was so liberated. Full of joy, so connected to the music without inhibition. I wanted to capture that essence on film. To me the sound of ‘In My Mind,’ feels like floating through a colourful landscape inside the imagination.”

Hands of Time from country rock’s Route 33 featuring Aussie rock legend, Sarah McLeod (The Superjesus), is the third single lifted from Route 33’s upcoming album, Coro Drive, due for release on August 9 and available to pre-order now.

With the official music video produced and directed by Duncan Toombs of The Filmery, the touching Hands of Time was shot on the beach and features both the duo and McLeod, in a beautiful duet, solo and song which explores a sadly growing issue in modern society, that of suicide.

Based on a real situation involving close friends of the band, the track delves into the effect that the suicide had on a those left behind…in this case, the remaining partner…the self-blame, the unanswered questions, and the total inability to continue life with their opposite missing and never to return.

You are about to enter a hallucinatory space populated by witches and psychics, tarot cards and crystal balls, madness and trepidation, and a harrowing ride in a hearse driven by a Hell Hound. During this cosmic trek, you will likely slide into infinity, a place where the “eerie” and “magical” seem to be part of the very air. No need for psychedelics to tune into what you are about to witness. Just sit back, click PLAY, and take a mind-bending plunge with Pixies’ new music video, On Graveyard Hill.

A tip of the hat to film director Kenneth Anger, the On Graveyard Hill video was conceived and directed by Kii Arens (Devo’s What We Do, Queens of the Stone Age’s The Vampyre of Time and Memory) and Bobbi Rich and shot in Los Angeles. Said Arens, “Directing for the all mighty Pixies is quite an honor, and I was given complete artistic freedom to do what I wished. The freedom to do so makes sense as to why they are such an original, real deal band. I started my career in music creating rock art so it’s perfect for this psychedelic freak-out video release.”

Set to make her industry debut at BIGSOUND this September followed by national tour support for Didirri, Hobart’s Kat Edwards is excited to share her new single Good Girl. Released with a stunning accompanying visual, Good Girl displays a deep vulnerability that completely defies her youth.

Produced by Xavier Dunn (Jack River, GRAACE, Ok Moon) and Oscar Dawson (Alex Lahey, Holy Holy, Ali Barter) Good Girl is the expression of an internal memoir, Kat explains, “I wrote ‘Good Girl’ after a very pivotal moment in my life. I was feeling frustration towards myself for not doing what was best for me earlier.”

Written By Wolves are undoubtedly one of the most exciting rock bands to burst out of New Zealand in recent years. The fresh and progressive cinematic rock five-piece have spent the past three years perfecting their sound, live show and their international fan base and have grown their Spotify streams to over 13 million worldwide. The band are unleashing their brand new single and video, Tell Me What You’re Running From?.

“Tell Me What You’re Running From?” gives fans a first taste of how far the band have progressed their signature genre-bending blend of Rock, Pop, Alternative and Electronic music and tackles themes of inner turmoil and staying true to oneself. Vocalist Michael Murphy explains that the track “is all about fighting your own demons and being honest with yourself about what is holding you back in life. It intertwines fear of failure and fear of success and ultimately talks about no matter what the short term gain in running away from your demons may be, it will never fix them in the long run.”

Upcoming Indie Punk-Rock band, FANGZ, is most known for their high energy sound, composed of solid riffs and upbeat stylings – drawing in fans with their fresh take on the classic genre. The four-piece band, consisting of members Samuel Sheumack, Woodie, Joshua Cottreau, and Jameel Majam, have only been creating music under the title ‘FANGZ’ for a short period – and have already piqued the interest of various music platforms due to their creativity and hunger to break boundaries placed around the traditional genre.

In their short run, FANGZ has released a single, titled One For You One For Me exclusively on Triple J Unearthed. The track also premiered at number 2 on Triple J Unearthed Punk Charts – later climbing to number 1. The four-piece band is seeking to dominate and expand their sound, subverting expectations through their sheer passion for their craft.

“‘Voices’ is the result of listening to a shitload of The Bronx, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster and local legends Gay Paris, and thinking – fuck yeah, I want to play shit that gives me the urge to break stuff and drink beer,” says Samuel Sheumack (Guitar).

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