LANY, Los Leo @ The Gov, Adelaide 20/7/2019

LANY, is a relatively young band but in their short time have more than surpassed any expectations places on them. Comprised of lead singer Paul Klein, drummer Jake Goss and guitarist/keyboardist Les Priest, LANY has become an indie powerhouse. Through a cult-like fanbase, birthed and grown through the internet, the trio have only gone from strength to strength with each step they take stronger than the last. Following the release of their sophomore album Malibu Nights, LANY have embarked on an expansive world tour meaning a third tour of Australia and the band’s first trip to Adelaide.

The evening began with Adelaide’s very own, Los Leo. Self-described as “the music your lover plays on a boombox outside your window,” Los Leo (actual name Tom Montesi) kicked off the night perfectly. It’s easy to see why he was chosen to support as his sound seems quite LANY inspired and really set the mood for what was to come.

After an emotional warm up, it was time for the main event. The lights went down and so began a two-minute countdown on a tasteful LED screen. This built anticipation to an unbearable level for the devoted crowd until they were finally rewarded with the band members entrance, screams extra loud for front man Klein. This saw the band launch straight into Malibu Nights opener, Thick and Thin. From there LANY kept the hits rolling taking fans on journey through their earlier work with smashes such as Good Girls and 4EVER!. This matched up perfectly with the band’s newer singles like I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore and Taking Me Back, with the crowd screaming every word.

LANY really want to take you somewhere else and everything seems very purposeful. Production was elegant with smooth visuals and soft lighting along with seamless transitions between each song. Other than luscious vocal lines, Klein was very sparing with his words. He took a moment to thank the crowd for “being so nice,” “giving flowers,” “standing in line” and “spending their hard-earned money” to come and see them. As well as introducing band members and announcing that “he is in the best band in the world.” He also made a cheeky comment that in all his travels he’d never seen anything like The Gov’s stage.

The crowd was electric and full of energy but for me it was the quiet moments that were the most magical. Hericane was one these moments as well as the heartbreaking yet beautiful ballad Malibu Nights that closed out the main set. This was one of the highlights of my evening as apart from being one of my favourite tracks of the album, it was one of those fairy-tale moments that felt everyone was one voice. There’s just something so special about strangers singing in unison, a feeling you don’t get anywhere else. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that, there was one point there I just closed my eyes and just listened, and I couldn’t help but picture smooth waves crashing under a dreamy Malibu night sky.

After a small intermission and thunderous applause and screams, the band returned and commenced the first lead single of their second album, Thru These Tears. The heartbreaking vocal lines were screamed back at the band and was paired with striking lightning flashes on the screen. The evening was drawn to a close with arguably their biggest hit ILYSB and gave fans one final opportunity to lose what was left of their vocal cords. This was naturally followed by thunderous screams and applause as the band took their final bow. Leaving everyone wanting more, a beaming Klein stated, “OK, we’ll come back.”

Even after over eighty shows around the globe, the quality of LANY never wavered. Each band member gave their absolute all to give audience members a night they’ll never forget. Klein has proven himself to be a formidable front man and had everyone in the palm of hand, always moving and making sure everyone felt connected. With only one show left on their Australian leg, fans will be on the edge of their seats until their next visit and for Adelaide’s sake, let’s hope we’re not waiting as long this time.

Live Review By Liam Kerr

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