Cog, Osaka Punch, Fyre Byrd @ The Gov, Adelaide 6/7/2019

The anticipation of a sold out show always makes me feel like something pretty special is going to happen, and tonight The Gov plays host to Cog, Osaka Punch and Fyre Byrd and I’m pretty excited to see Bondi’s favourite prog rock sons for the second time in twelve months ,after they had a considerable time out of the live scene. Playing at the Adelaide institution of The Gov, they have support from Adelaide’s own Fyre Byrd and Brisbane’s’ Osaka Punch.

Fyre Byrd kick off the night to a sparse home crowd. A two piece playing alt rock /punk tunes that are reminiscent of a plethora of great acts from The White Stripes (obvious comparison being a two piece) to punk icons Green Day (of which they covered Brain Stew/jaded). Singer guitarist Samtré and drummer Breeze played to a bunch of backing tracks that filled out their sound with deep bass lines and extra guitars. A tight set of cool punk rock tracks that struck a chord with the building crowd. A solid sound, the duo had a great stage presence for such a young act and I think they will be one to watch as their songs had such an easy to love sound. Heavy at times they flowed through a great set of modern punk rock and got some heads bobbing.

Osaka Punch hit the stage next and leapt straight into an energy packed set of funk rock metal, they had the crowd slightly confused to begin with, as they laughed and joked around but their energy literally dragged the audience into their set, and once they launched into their very funky but heavy (think Mr Bungle) sound I was bouncing around as though I’d been listening to them for years.

The four piece where clearly having a great time hammering out the tunes like how we operate and served with mustard, jamming out with some of the biggest smiles I’ve seen on a band playing live. They were seriously having a good time and it was hard to resist the charisma of all four of the members as their energy was irresistible and created an awesome atmosphere amongst the solid crowd that had formed front of stage. I will be looking to catch these guys again now I have been initiated into their funky metal goodness.

A sold-out show at The Gov always has an amazing atmosphere with the tight packed crowd buzzing as they waited for the main act. Cog have built a mighty following over their twenty one odd years playing and recording their signature heavy sound. Back in action with their new tracks The Middle, Altered States and Drawn Together, the new tracks have a more upbeat and driving pace to them and clearly show a small deviation in the writing style that The Gower brothers and Lucius Borich on drums have honed over the decades.

Opening the show with the classic track from 2005’s The New Normal, Anarchy OK followed by Are You Interested? and then launching into Altered States it was a short overview of their career as an opening to the show. The huge tracks just keep coming as the signature heavy and driving sound embraced the crowd and held their attention from go to whoa. Cog are an unmistakable force of deep and resonating beats and riffs that while slower than the average prog band are so engaging that you can’t resist the sense of power that flows through the room.

It’s hard to pick a highlight as the trio are just such an impressively tight unit blasting out classics from their two previous albums along with their well-worn cover of Leftfield’s Open Up! The sound in the room was exceptional with the mix bringing a clear and brutal force to the height of perfection. I’m clearly a fan but when it comes to live shows there are few who can bring such a heavy sound to fruition with the clarity that Cog manages, Gowers’ voice has maintained a strength over the years that still commands you stand and listen to the often anti-government, conspiracy ridden lyrics that dominate the music. A phenomenal live act Cog once again proved they have a power that is rarely matched with a heart and soul beyond most in the industry, it’s so good to have them back and I can’t wait till they drop their new album and come back to bless my ears again!

Cog are back better than ever and just as epic!

Live Review by Peter Young