Kimberly Davis (CHIC)

When Kimberly Davis isn’t touring the world as one of the lead singers of Nile Rodgers band the CHIC Organisation she’s busy making music of her own. For her latest single she’s teamed up with house superstars The Shapeshifters with new single Life is a Dancefloor and its already made a big impact on the dance charts. Davis took some time out from her busy touring schedule to answer some questions for Hi-Fi Way.

Your new single Life is a Dancefloor is out. Is your life like a dancefloor?
My life is totally a dance floor because I spend most of it on stage lol. Music has always been a part of my life and when life it self takes you places where you don’t want to be then finding a floor to dance on should be the next thing that you do, it cures most things.

The song is so catchy and makes you want to get up and dance. Can you tell us how the song came about?
This song was written and produced by some friends of mine. Mike Greenley, Audrey Martells and Tony Moran. Who always think of me and my voice when they are producing, we’re like a team. The minute I heard it I knew I would be able to work with it and then when we passed it on to the Shapeshifters they embellished it even more and made it what it is today.

The song is so catchy and makes you want to get up and dance. Can you tell us how the song came about? How was working with the brilliant Shapeshifters on this new single? Have you worked with them before?
I have not worked with the Shapeshifters before but I was introduced to them through a mutual friend who I just happened to play the song for. He made a phone call and the next thing you know we were in the studio with live instruments creating something magical.

Is there more music on the cards with the Shapeshifters or any other collaborations with different artists?
We are actually in the studio this week making more music. It’s never going to stop, we’re bonded at this point and I’m sure that there will be collaborations with other artists as well that’s one of our goals.

Most of your solo songs are dance orientated but your vocal range can lend to other genres. Is dance/RnB your preference or can you see yourself recording something different like rock or pop?
Yes dance music is my fave and always has been but I am trained to sing all types of music and of course R&B and pop are pulling in to a close second. The goal is to make a name for myself and once that happens it won’t matter what I sing the people are going to just love it….hopefully LOL.

One of my favourite songs of the last CHIC album It’s About Time was I Dance My Dance. That was in my opinion the most traditionally sounding CHIC song with both you and Folami providing the vocals on that track. What was it like to sing and record it for the album?
I love recording songs with Nile and Chic. The whole band is extremely talented so not only is it fun but it’s very easy as well. We’ve been together now for eleven years and we are truly family.

Life with CHIC seems to be busy for you with all the tours/concerts. Are you enjoying playing to so many different people in so many countries?
Absolutely!!! Who would’ve thought that I would have been able to travel the whole entire world with one band? The best part about it is every place we have been there’s an extreme amount of love for the music. There’s no way you could sit down at one of our concerts.

Has there been a favourite or memorable show that you can tell us about?
I think one of the best shows that we’ve done was Glastonbury and it really wasn’t so much because of us it was because of everything else that was going on. Barry Gibb performed Staying Alive and everyone on the field including security broke into a flash mob dance. It was so awesome I cried. Has there been a favourite or memorable show that you can tell us about?

I was lucky enough to be at the London show in 2018 that was CHIC’s headlining show. It was great to see everyone lift to a higher level and having a tour in your own right works for you all. The group seems to really enjoy performing together. What is it that keeps you all fresh and excited to do show after show?
Well like I said before, We Are Family. I have literally spent more time on the road than I have spent at home. If we did not get along these tours absolutely would not work. We eat together we laugh together we cry together we fight together we even have a WhatsApp thread that we use when we’re not with each other. We call each other on a regular basis, we have meetings and talk about music, we even create music during soundchecks and rehearsals. Our bond actually comes across on stage because we’re having fun together.

Life has been hectic for you in the past few years. What do you do to relax? Do you take time out from music?
Well there’s no such thing as taking time out from music and yes life has been hectic because I’m away from my family a lot but I always manage to bring them on the road with me when I can and when they’re not with me I’m getting the rest that I so desperately need….and I throw in a couple of massages as well lol.

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

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