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(hed) p.e. return to Australia for an encore run of shows following their successful tour in 2018 (their first in five years), thanks to Silverback Touring. The demand from fans was overwhelming. This time they are bringing Florida’s dynamic crossover metallers NONPOINT with them.

Fusing rock, punk, rasta, gansta rap and soul into something truly unique (and affectionately known as G-Punk), (hed) p.e. have been a mainstay in the rock and metal community since forming in 1994. On the eve of their Australian tour Jared Gomes speaks to Hi Fi Way about their upcoming tour.

What’s the best part about touring Australia?
It has got to be the shows, right? And that Australian money I’ll be bringing back home! It is just a great time, the vibes are great, every time people are fucking happy to see us. I’m always vibed to go dude and this time is perfect because our record five days before we get there. I’m stoked about that! On the last tour here in the States, we all live in different states, we practice when we are on tour for an hour a day for every show. We have been drilling some new tunes from the new record which is something I haven’t done for years to be honest. I’m really feeling this new record and I have this new found love for all this hip-hop. I started this new record two years ago when I bought my first Mac Book and it is finally coming out. Australia is going to be the first people to hear it after the record has come out.

How do you fit a whole career’s worth of material plus the new album in to the set?
That is a good question! Well bro, I’m sure if everyone had a choice it would be different. For me I’m trying to put in the songs and cover certain bases plus create a certain vibe in the hour and fifteen minutes or so that we are playing so that the proper metal, a little bit of reggae, a little bit of punk, hip-hop and rap is covered but also I have to play the shit people want to hear. There’s a lot of music and I’m walking a tight rope but I don’t get to many complaints. Everyone once and a while I’ll get “I didn’t hear this song” or whatever but I’m trying to play the hits off ten records you know!

Is this the best you have felt about the band?
Right now I am more energised, I’m in this part of my life and I’m feeling this sense of fulfilment and happiness. I was finally able to shake off some of that survival by breaking that constant worrying about bills, this and that. Just bracing the creativity and things have really been going my way. This record is a snap shot of my last two years and now I have been taking charge, using more discipline in my life and I feel so lucky to be playing music and making a living off of it. I am filled with gratitude of going to Australia and the new record is coming out after working on it for two damn years.

I am filled without a lot of energy as there is a lot of positivity surrounding me right now. The message behind my record really is stop complaining, take control and be a boss. It is hard to do when you are in survival mode, you just have to snap out of it . You know what helped me? When I was on this European tour and since I was out of my own country, for some reason I was there for five weeks, I snapped out of it a little bit. A lot of people don’t get to have that luxury though to leave their environment and take a breathe to see things for what they are. I was lucky enough to have that and I was able to see the forest through the trees.

Sonically, particularly with Stampede do you think the (hed) p.e. sound has changed much?
It has then it has not but it has evolved because what is interesting because when I was talking to my wife about this is that the new record has elements that old (hed) p.e. fans should enjoy meaning there is hip-hop, there’s rock but the hip-hop isn’t 1996 hip-hop it’s 2020 hip-hop. The rock isn’t 2003 rock it’s 2020 rock, know what I mean? My flow is not 2005 flow, it’s 2020 flow! The sound has changed but there is still things you can recognise and there’s familiarity there.

Beyond Australia what’s next for (hed) p.e.?
After Australia I’ll be coming home to finish off my solo record, then I’m on tour with Popwermen 5000 and Genitorturers and all kinds of crazy bands. We do that tour and take another break until 2020.

Interview By Rob Lyon

Catch (hed) p.e. on the following dates, tickets from Silverback Touring

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