Frolic and Follies @ Gluttony Masonic Lodge, Adelaide 13/06/2019

Frolic and Follies is local cabaret at its finest. You have gorgeous showgirls, handsome guys, stunning costumes and catchy modern-day songs combined with a few old school ones that were guaranteed toe tappers. From the first song and dance you are hit with beautiful colours and costumes all with infectious smiles from the stunning dancers.

The main star of the show, Alex declares she is on a “quest for love” and for the next hour we are taken into the world of cabaret glitz and follies watching her try to find it. It’s only fitting she starts off singing the Bonnie Tyler classic I Need a Hero, I mean don’t we all need a hero?

Throw in some Abba songs we all know and love like Money Money Money, Voulez Vouz along with the classic Madonna, Materiel Girl blended with the ultimate Marilyn Monroe song Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend, it was a dance fest in your seat.

The main factor that stood out with this show was the stunning girls, their costumes and well choreographed dancing. Costumes with bright colours and designs that would rival any high end cabaret act, I found myself intrigued to what costume they would come out with each number. Whether it was sequinned and feathered or red ruffled Spanish bolero style to the bright colourful orange Tropicana ruffles it was full glitz and glamour.

The two male performers were charming and down right handsome. Each having their own style of cheeky they entertained us with humour and charm and they added a good balance of muscle and testosterone to the much feminine based story.

The show finished with the songs I Will Survive and another Madonna classic Express Yourself and while Alex didn’t find love, the audience got her message of while we are all looking for love nothing beats a good healthy dose of female self empowerment sprinkled with glamorous cabaret.

Live Review By Anastasia Lambis

For show dates and times head to the Cabaret Fringe Festival

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