Tash York Returning For the Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival

Tash York is coming back to Adelaide. Yes again! Either she loves us, or we love her or maybe it’s a bit of both. As part of the Adelaide Fringe Cabaret Festival running from June 1 to 29, she is bringing back her award winning 5 star show Adulting for three nights only. York is funny, entertaining and down right crazy for chicken nuggets. If you saw her show Bad Ass earlier this year at the Adelaide Fringe you will love her in Adulting. York is a busy young lass, but she found some time to answer some questions for the Hi-Fi Way.

It’s exciting you’re bringing back your award-winning show Adulting for the Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival. For those that have never heard of Adulting can you tell us a bit about the show?
This show is my ode to what it means to be an adult these days. It’s a comedy, it’s a cabaret and a whole bunch of stories as to why I’m a terrible adult. If you’ve ever been engaged at 19 or racked up parking fines worth a house deposit, then like myself you’ve probably not mastered “Adulting”.

This show is all about celebrating how being an adult has changed from the old just “get a job, get married and buy a house” formula that my mums generation grew up with . Don’t worry it’s not just me whining about being a Millenial, although I do talk a lot about chicken nuggets, red wine and how Disney ruined my expectations of life. It’s an ode to my Mum and all that she did for me to make me the Adult I am today, despite the not so smooth road my life may have taken. I thoroughly recommend it as the perfect Mum and Daughter night out.

Tell us three reasons why people should see Adulting?
It features an absolutely banging playlist of tunes including artists such as Destiny’s Child, Ace of Base, Heart, Haddaway and even Whitesnake. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like someone can relate to your life – scarily well – then I suggest you come and join us! It’ll make you feel things including laughing, shock and a even a little tear.

Have you now become a fully-fledged adult since you started performing the show?
You know what I actually have in some ways. Since I wrote the show I have moved in with my boyfriend (out of share house FINALLY) and we are now engaged and own two little cats (Batman and Aretha) yes that is their real names. With writing the show I actually took my performing career full time as well, so I guess you could say life imitates art? I still am a big kid at heart though and will always opt for chicken nuggets over any other meal.

You perform in Adelaide quite a lot. What is it about Adelaide that keeps you coming back?
WINE! Not the only reason I swear. I have the best time performing to Adelaide audiences, y’all seem to always get where I’m coming from – but you do need to get better at pre-booking your tickets (tsk tsk). Coming to Fringe every year I have met a bunch of Adelaide locals that I now consider as some of my closest friends, so it’s nice to have a home away from home.

You’re a very busy Cabaret performer because Adulting isn’t the only show your performing. Tell us which other shows we can see you in while you’re here.
Well speaking of Adelaidies, I am also performing my duo comedy show Petty B*tches with local Adelaide legend (even though really she’s from the UK) Boo Dwyer. We’ll be performing that on Thursday and Friday and then I’ll be hosting the After Hours Cabaret Club after my show each night as well. Pheww I’m tired already!

What’s the best part about performing in front of a live audience?
I have performed this show over 90 times now, and I always love that no matter how much you think you’ve nailed a line, or perfected a song to sing, there is always something that is different – every single night. I think that’s what makes it so easy to keep doing the same show over and over again, that feeling of being excited as to how it will be received or if I will nail it exactly as I thought I would. I think I like the gamble! I also love meeting my audience after the show, it’s always so humbling to think that people spend their hard earned cash to listen to me talk about my weird old life!

Chicken nuggets feature predominately in most of your shows and life in general. What is your second favourite food?
Is wine a food? Ha, I would have to say my second fave food is my Grandpa’s Mauritian Beef Curry, we literally have hunger games style fights over who gets to take the leftovers home when he makes it. It’s pretty epic!

In one word describe Tash York.

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

Catch Tash Yorke’s show Adulting on the following dates:
Thursday 27 June 2019 8:15 PM
Friday 28 June 2019 8:15 PM
Saturday 29 June 2019 8:15 PM

Tickets from Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival

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