Adulting by Tash York @ Cabaret Fringe Festival , Gluttony, Masonic Lodge, Adelaide 27/06/2019

How much fun is Tash York? So much fun! Adulting is just one of this multi-skilled, multi-talented and multi-everything woman’s shows at this years Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival. Like all of York’s shows there’s lots of fun and laughter, usually at her own expense but she’s OK with revealing all of her disastrous life stories. She makes them entertaining. I mean who racks up $24,000 in parking fines or gets engaged at 19 to a man wanted by the authorities? Yep! Tash York!

In signature York style there’s plenty of rapping and musical parodies with songs by Destiny’s Child, Bruno Mars, Nick Lowe, Ace of Base and Whitesnake. Oh yeah, I can’t listen to Whitesnake’s Here I go Again in quite the same way after seeing this show. Thanks Tash York for giving me some irreversible mental images to one of my anthemic empowering songs. At least I have the laughs. That’s all that left of that song now.

There’s plenty of self love, self care and sharp shooting one liners to have you laughing throughout the whole show. York’s energy is limitless as she takes you on a ride of cabaret pleasure, almost literally. Adulting is fun, fast and an education on what not to do.

Live Review By Anastasia Lambis

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