The Beaches “The Professional”

Canadian alt-rockers The Beaches, named after the area of Toronto they reside in, are back with The Professional, their first collection since the release of debut album Late Show (2017). Singer Jordan Miller, lead guitarist Kylie Miller, drummer Eliza Enman McDaniel, and keyboardist/ guitarist Leandra Earl have created a solid five-song EP that naturally progresses from the sound of Late Show and highlights their cross-genre sensibilities.

From the brash and forcefully rockin’ opening chords of Desdemona, The Beaches manoeuvre unapologetically straight into fifth gear. With a catchy chorus and expressive storytelling one can imagine Desdemona representing any one of the four young women that sing about her; ‘high voltage rock n roller.’

The previously released single Fascination follows. It is a classic 90’s alt-pop song with lyrical storytelling. It is such a polished piece of music that you could be forgiven for thinking you were listening to a band who had been playing together for twenty years instead of a group of teenagers together for six.

Snake Tongue, another previously released single, successfully captures the 90’s sound again but thrusts it into the modern era. It is easy to envisage it being played at St Jerome’s Laneway Festival with a youthful crowd of females singing the killer bridge in unison, ‘stop sending me all your dick picks, they are boring me to pieces.’

Want What You Got maintains the rock n roll intonation evident in the previous songs and adds a dance vibe to it. With a beguiling chorus, it is sure to develop into an earworm of the pleasantest variety.

The final song, Lame, with its unassuming, repetitive lyrics and heavy guitars is short, sharp and to the point. Its cuteness is moreish and the ideal conclusion to the EP.

With long-time collaborator Jacknife Lee producing, The Professional is a clean, crisp and accomplished EP. It is perfectly representative of The Beaches sound and a teaser of what may be expected with their highly anticipated sophomore album which hopefully isn’t too far away.

Album Review By Anita Kertes

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