Steve Hughes Hits Adelaide This Weekend…

Australian comedic legend Steve Hughes will return to the stage from tomorrow night armed with his new show, Are You Serious?

Known the world over for his hard hitting, take no prisoners comedy, Steve tells it like it is. At times confronting, always engaging and to some even a little alarming. But he’s guaranteed to always be hilarious.

Steve comments on the show, ‘Free speech isn’t all that free anymore. So come and see me now in the comfort of a beautiful theatre because, who knows perhaps one day in the future the only way to enjoy comedy will be in a deserted warehouse in a forest where you’ll need a secret code to get in!’

The issues Steve addressed a decade ago regarding the direction the world was heading in were simply brushed off as conspiracy theory. Today many of those issues are fact. He did warn you and things are only getting more outrageous…

Are You Serious? may not be a show for the professionally offended, but if you have a damn good sense of humour then strap in for the ride of your life!

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