Cosmo’s Midnight

Having recently wrapped their first shows of 2019 with St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, Sydney’s much loved twin duo Cosmo’s Midnight return to our airwaves today, delivering the first taste of new music this year with C.U.D.I (Can U Dig It), out on Sony Music Australia, RCA Records & Black Butter Records. Alongside the release, the duo have announced a huge national tour and they play HQ Complex tonight.

How great was it playing Laneway Festival this year?
It was one of our best festival tours ever and it was just lovely hanging with all the acts and making friends. Easily the most open-minded and vibe-y crowds we’ve ever had too.

Was it the perfect opportunity to reconnect with fans and launch the remainder of this year for Cosmo’s Midnight?

What is the best part about playing Laneway Festival?
Best thing about playing Laneway was attending as a punter last year and headlining a stage this year, never would’ve guessed that would happen haha…

What were some of your favourite bands you saw?
Skegss holding it down for the aussies, Yellow Days, Rex Orange County and Jorja Smith bringing very different energies from the UK and of course Smino were definite highlights.

Is there anyone you think will break through in the next six months or so? Feel like a broken record but Genesis Owusu is making big moves this year, he’s in the middle of his own tour as well as supporting Ruel right now, get to know him now.

Is it a good feeling to have new music out?
It’s a double edged sword: always good to have new music out that you’re very proud of. But it’s also scary exposing yourself, it’s a very vulnerable position which makes it all the better when people love it.

What is the story behind C.U.D.I (Can U Dig It)?
It was New Years Day, we’d just gotten back to Sydney from a warehouse party in Wollongong the night before. We were viciously sunburnt and hungover somehow we channelled that energy right into C.U.D.I ~ it only took about 15 minutes to get the idea down then spent a few weeks sweating the details.

Is the tour going to preview a heap of new songs?
We’re playing a few new ones that’s for sure. It’s a really fun way to test out new ideas, even if they’re not finished we’ll jam it out and have a great time doing it.

Sonically, how would you compare these new songs to what you have done previously?
We’re experiment more with disco, funk and psychedelic more on these new tracks so there’s a lot of real groovy drums, gang vocals and dangerous riffs haha.

Beyond this tour what lies ahead for Cosmo’s Midnight?
America in June, Splendour in July and new music along the way, also working on album number two!

Interview By Rob Lyon

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