Oh Deliah

South Australian singer/songwriter Oh Deliah, has released the first single April Sun from her debut EP These Old Dreams set for release on May 18. Oh Deliah writes sweet, melodic indie-pop with tender vocals and heart wrenching lyrics, accompanied by fuzzy electric guitar or sweet ukulele.

Thematically playing with that most familiar of subjects, the fleeting desire between two strangers, April Sun is a stunning alt-pop track that enjoys stunning melodies against hauntingly beautiful vocal arrangements that journey through the soul.

Oh Deliah, aka Becky Althorp, is a daydreamer and self-described ‘quiet old-soul’ who grew up in the Adelaide Hills listening to her parents’ vinyl collection. From the sounds of The Beatles, Crowded House, Fleetwood Mac and Simon & Garfunkel in her formative years, which transformed her teenage listening and song writing akin to Laura Marling, Cat Power, Regina Spektor and Keaton Henson. Oh Deliah, aka Becky Althorp answers some questions for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

Is it a feeling of relief knowing that your EP is done now?
The EP has been quite a long work-in progress. It took a lot of time to gather a sweet arrangement of songs and music-making people to help bring it into fruition. It also proved to be an emotional experience, so I am very happy to have it finished!

Can you believe how much work goes in to an EP?
Before I went into the studio, I had been tinkering away at the songs for sometime, so there was a lot of preparation. The good things take time, and that proved very evident with the songs.

Was it hard letting go of the songs?
There was the initial anxiety of letting them go, as I am incredibly protective of them. But I had a lot of trust in my producer, Kiah Gossner, to bring them into the best light. And he did a divine job at it too.

How would you describe Oh Deliah sonically?
I’d say it’s quite dreamy, but with a moody undertone. And I guess there is also a delicateness too. I take a lot of influence from artists such as Keaton Henson, Tiny Ruins, and Daughter, so there are also those colours in the mix too.

What is the story behind the single April Sun?
The story behind April Sun depicts two strangers caught up in a fleeting moment and how it all unfolds.

How do you think you will feel when you hear your single on the radio?
It will probably feel a little surreal at first. This is the first single I have released into the world, so I think it’ll leave me with a nice warm and fuzzy feeling.

Who has been the biggest musical influence on you so far?
I’ll have to admit that I do have many musical influences. There are many artists whose music has shaped me, but I’d have to pick Laura Marling. I have always admired her artistry, and her songs both lyrically and musically resonate so deeply with me.

Has the creative process continued on and are you looking to make an album?
I am very keen to return back to the studio to record some new songs and immerse myself in the creativity again. It will be nice to take a different approach with some more quirkier instrumentation and have fun with that.

Is it hard to keep a lid on the excitement leading up to the launch?
It has been yes! Frankly, I am over the moon about it… I’ll be playing alongside my beautiful band and some very special guests.

Are you looking to tour more extensively around the country this year?
I have great intention on playing some shows interstate this year. It’ll be a new experience for me, and it’ll be so lovely to play in different venues with other like-minded songwriters.

Where to next for Oh Deliah?
I have a couple of new surprised in the works, but my lips are sealed for now!

Interview By Rob Lyon

Oh Deliah is launching her EP These Old Dreams at The Grace Emily on May 18. Tickets from Mosh-Tix

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