In an Adelaide Exclusive The Mik Maks are heading to town.

Be taken on a Mik Mak musical adventure with brothers Al, Joel and Drums the Panda. There’s lots of games to play and musical fun to be had with The Mik Maks “Play” show. Young audiences with learn valuable concepts like sharing, creative sibling play, healthy eating, brushing your teeth and packing up. Plus, they will have loads of fun singing and dancing to The Mik Mak’s catchy rock songs. The Mik Maks answer some questions for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

What can families expect to experience at The Mik Maks?
The Mik Maks PLAY is 50 minutes of incredible musical entertainment and perfect for children aged 2-8 years. You’ll experience a unique live sound for children’s entertainment. The Mik Maks break the mould of children’s music. If you love live music, you’ll love The Mik Maks.

Is this the first time performing the show in Adelaide?
Yes, it is! A large percentage of our shows are traditionally in Melbourne, Sydney or regional Victoria. Therefore, we’re super excited to meet, sing, dance and giggle with the young families of beautiful Adelaide.

Is the show fully interactive?
Our young audience members have many opportunities to engage directly with us during the show. A mini Mik Mak Mosh Pit of young revellers is guaranteed after song two. By the final song mums, dads and grandparents usually take over the dance floor.

Do the kids pretty much take over the stage and get right in to it?
Yes, we certainly encourage the kids to express themselves and engage with us at any time. We love nothing more than to see families dancing together. Let’s hope we don’t have to call security before Drums the Panda’s world-renowned drum solo.

Are there plenty of take away messages from the show for kids?
Yes, we sprinkle messages throughout the show. Rather than shove messages down children’s throats, we aim to float messages and allow the children the opportunity to jump up and grasp them. In the PLAY show kids will discover importance of working together, personal hygiene, being responsible for belongings and respecting others.

Is it harder to write songs to maintain the interest of kids?
It’s incredible where the inspiration or ideas for our music springs up from. Many of our songs are about our experiences as brothers growing up and working a sheep farm. Sometimes our own children will walk past humming a melody and bang! A song is born.

For us the key to a great kids song is to never be condescending with lyrics, vocals and musicality. The lyrics must inspire imagination or tell a fascinating story that children imagine being a part of. The backbone of Mik Mak songs are a driving drum beat, crisp acoustic guitar licks and organic harmonies performed by brothers that have sung together their entire lives.

Are kids the toughest critics when it comes to live performances?
Absolutely! Children let you know straight away whether their enjoying the show or not. The feedback is instant. Children will want to trust you before they can fully express themselves. So give them something they can trust. The key is to just be yourself as performers and provide opportunities for children to see you as yourself.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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