Thrones! The Musical Parody @ The Flamingo at Gluttony, Adelaide 23/2/2019

What do you get when you take one part musical, two parts Game of Thrones and a whole heap of irreverence? Thrones: The Musical Parody at the Adelaide Fringe. With more musical talent and comedic timing in their ‘littlefinger’s than in an act I’ve seen in years, Thrones at Gluttony, is the perfect ointment for those fans waiting out the long winter until the new season drops.

Telling the tale of a group of friends frantically trying to indoctrinate another into the Game of Thrones fandom before the premiere of the latest episode, it becomes clear that the only (and best) option to get her up to speed is to act it out.

Starring theatrical props in the opening credits of the song, the group acted out the movement of the board and the spinning of the globe beloved by so many fans, with nothing but a cocktail of hand signals, a couple of hula hoops and a golden umbrella, leaving the audience in stitches. They later brought back the umbrella to star as Drogon’s head, before Daenaerys- Queen of the Andals, Assistant manager of Hungry Jacks- commanded Dracaris.

With songs such as If I look Upon Your Face, The Many Names of the Game of Thrones Characters, and Hodor’s surprisingly emotional musical monologue detailing the sad events of his life. The Red Wedding scene however was a true stand out and detailed beautifully the stark contrast between the two types of TV watchers in the world. Those who can’t get enough of Game of Thrones’s sick story lines, and those who can’t understand the obsession. Throw in incest, patricide, murdered babies, harming children, slaughtering animals, forced weddings, and creepy old dudes with thin moustaches, it leaves even the audience questioning their moral compasses, while affirming that this truly is the greatest TV show of all time. Thrones also quickly brought to life the hidden superiority complexes for which Game of Thrones novel readers all seem to wear with pride, and even managed to fit in a spot of fan fiction between the retelling of the last six seasons.

For those who have never watched Game of Thrones, this is a musical for you. For those who need catching up on events, and are down for a ruddy good laugh, there should be no hesitation in ordering tickets. If not for the beauty of Jon Snow’s locks, the questionable accents of Ygritte and Tyrion, pop up Disney references, and the impossibility of Arya Stark’s disguises, then book for the incredible voices, witty and intricately crafted musical numbers, and prop brilliance.

Would definitely see again. This is what the Adelaide Fringe is all about.

Fringe Review By Robyn Clifford

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