Rebel @ Wonderland Spiegeltent at Gluttony, Adelaide 22/2/2019

The start of Rebel with the iconic guitar riff set the scene for the show, with the crowd pumped for an awesome show.

Rebel is a David Bowie inspired musical circus/theatre show, created from the words of Bowie, “I don’t want to climb out of my fantasies in order to go up on stage – I want to take them on stage with me.”

Bowie inspired lead singer, Stewart Reeve looked every part of Bowie from the moment he walked on stage. His blonde flicked hair, the heavy pink eyeshadow, the fabulous costumes, and the iconic voice – there was no doubt this show was ready to rock.

Reeve was accompanied for the performance by band members on drums, keyboard, guitars – the musicians wearing 70s rock outfits also doubled as circus theatre performers displaying multiple talents.

Space Oddity was accompanied by a blue sequined high flyer on the silks mimicking the feeling of floating in space. Other noteworthy songs like Ziggy Stardust and an acoustic take on Loving the Alien were all part of the awesome set list of songs played to please a wide age-range of fans.

While Reeve did a noteworthy performance channelling Bowie, the stand out musician of the night was Rachel Train. From playing the drums, guitar, singing – she was showed amazing musicianship and talent.

Rebel could be accused of being a good cover band, however credit must be given to the band as they were tight and polished and I would have loved to have watched them at a pub with a few beers in hand. It seemed a little contrived at times with the theatrics and acrobatics on stage, and in slight competition between music and theatrical performance.

The encore final performance with Reeve and Train singing Under Pressure as a duet elevated the audience to rapture and leaving with smiles on faces.

This is a popular show with many queuing up early to see the show despite the heat and humidity inside the tent. The night was particularly humid with Reeve himself commenting on never experiencing sweaty knees before.

The show was developed only 6 months ago and there were some minor glitches that kept it from being a completely polished performance. By continually performing over the Adelaide Fringe, it has the potential to become a show that is well-practiced and absolutely nail the spirit of Bowie.

Rebel is performing at Fringe until 17 March at Wonderland Spiegeltent, Gluttony.

Fringe Review By Ilona Schultz

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