Yummy Deluxe @ The Box, The Garden Of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide 21/2/2019

It was opening night of Yummy Deluxe, a Drag Cabaret act who wowed the crowds at Fringe last year.  I had no idea what to expect, but one of my colleagues had highly recommended them, so I went on a whim to check them out.  I thought I was onto a good show when I saw the massive queue of eager fans snaking away from the entrance

We streamed into the venue, and after the curtains went up we were greeted by the ensemble, made up of equal parts queen and female performers, clad in an absolute riot of glitter, big hair and outrageous make-up.

Producer and performer Valerie Hex greeted the throngs in her sultry voice, and laid down a few house rules, while working the crowd up.  I don’t want to give too much away, for those readers who may be thinking about seeing them, but I can say what followed was an absolutely unforgettable evening of camp, dance, burlesque, comedy, drag, song, and even a magic show!

The ensemble dancing was exquisitely choreographed, and there was fantastic chemistry between the troupe, as whirled through a series of numbers with a camp high energy vibe.  Each of the performers were given a chance to showcase their unique and superlative talents in between the ensemble numbers.

Jandruze had the crowd in stitches with a saucy and seductive number which involved a giant sandwich, a member of the audience and loads of mayonnaise.  Burlesque star Zelia Rose wowed the crowd with her seductive and svelte grace.  Hannie Helsden showed off her incredible circus talents with acrobatics on the pole and a hula hoop extravaganza.

Newcomer to the troupe, Jarrod Dewey, showed off his incredible gymnastic skills with a series of death defying acrobatics while suspended above the crowds on a trapeze bar.  Rounding out the troupe was Joni in the Moon who performed some live songs in her powerful and graceful voice.  This is just a sample of the acts, there were many more, each with some incredible moments, and if you want to know more, you’ll just have to see the show for yourself.

I was incredibly impressed by the professional and slick transitions, elaborate and beautiful costumes, superb comic timing and crowd engagement.  I am really not sure how to describe this show, but it was a magnificent and delicious blend of camp, burlesque and cabaret and I highly recommend it.  The crowd were clearly pleased as well, and gave them a standing ovation.

Fringe Review By Jeremy Watkinson

For tickets, show dates and times for Yummy Deluxe head to Fringe Tix.

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