Queen of the F*cking World @ La Boheme, Adelaide 19/2/2019

Walking onto the stage to a thunderous disco beat the Queen herself arrives introducing Marysia Trembecka or as we know her Queen of the Fcking World. At least one of the millions of Queens of the Fcking World! This show is all about female empowerment and we were not only entertained but we were educated as well. Having spent 150 hours researching thanks to UK government funding Marysia gave us some lessons in history that you won’t find at school or in the bible.

This rockin’ and rollin’ Queen sings her way through original and some classic songs that give us the female power push that we need. She takes us on her self-discovered life journey and nothing is off limits. It’s a refreshing and liberating show that makes you think about how woman have been treated throughout history and how they are still being persecuted for their sexuality today. Even Shakespeare got a mention. Interesting thoughts!

Marysia tells us “We are judged by who, what and how we fuck.” Now that’s a thought provoking sentence! This show is a mix of musical, spoken word, comedy and a bit of education thrown in for good measure. There’s even a love song to add a bit of romance but of course it’s a song sung in the Queen of the F*cking World way! While her guitar and bass skills need a brush up don’t let that stop you from seeing this enlightening show.

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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