NEON @ Corona Theatre at The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide 15/2/2019

NEON is full of fluro coloured parachute jump suits and classic 80s tunes added with some amazing Circus Oz acrobatics and comedic skits. What a decade the 80s were! Considering when the audience were asked who was born after 1990 and three quarters of the venue cheered putting their hand up goes to show that this decade is still popular even amongst those that weren’t born or even too young to really experience it!

Starting with tunes like Van Halen’s Jump how can you not get all excited? Just those first bars of the synthesiser gets your heart rate pumping. It still amazes me how iconic and semi-anthem like the 80s songs are which makes for a great show when you mix in the ball juggling, acrobatic spins and twirls, high flying aerial acrobatics and throw in some hula hoops.

The show is hosted by the 80s virtuoso Geraldine Quinn who permeates pure 80s magic whenever she performs and not just because of that boofy orange high hair wig (or is it her real hair?). Quinn sings a few of the 80s classics paying tribute with a slower more soulful version of the Bowie smash hit Let’s Dance as well as a hilarious rendition of Robert Palmers Simply Irresistible.

The electric (boogaloo) (those who lived in the 80s will get that cheesy reference!) performers from Circus Oz are slick, fast and fun. Their mix of acrobatics and comedy is pure gold. They had the audience wowed and in stitches at the same time. The tribute to Prince was a nice touch even if it wasn’t the most sombre of tributes.

Whether its performing their magic show or the balancing acts showing the strength and precision of the performers this show is action packed and constantly moving.

Fringe Review by Anastasia Lambis

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