Baby Wants Candy – Adelaide Fringe Interview

Baby Wants Candy is a Fringe show with a difference; you get to choose the show’s title and narrative in a big way. The cast ask you what you want the musical to be and from then on its pure improvisation.

Baby Wants Candy answers some questions to the HiFi Way: The Pop Chronicles and tell us a bit more about what to expect when you go see the show.

For those that haven’t heard about Baby Wants Candy can you tell us a bit about the show?
Baby Wants Candy is a completely improvised musical, performed with a full band. We take a bunch of titles from the audience at the beginning and they vote on what they want to see that night. Australians are in general, a lovably sick-minded bunch, so we get some really great title here- like Rocky Horror on the Titanic, Kanye West Side Story and Snowtown: The Musical.

Your show is completely improvised. I’m sure it keeps the adrenaline going for the whole show! How do you find constantly improvising?
It is really energising. We are discovering the show at the same time the audience is. It’s truly exhilarating for both performers and audiences.

Along with the improvisation there’s also music in the mix. Would is be safe to say that its an unexpected musical?
Oh yes. As a performer you can sometimes see a song coming- for example, if the emotion in a scene is building to a point where the musical director makes the call to start a song. But sometimes the musical director will just decide to screw around with us and call for a song out of nowhere, which is usually pretty hilarious.

What should audiences do to help the show along?
Just enjoy. They’re usually really on board from the jump. And since they’ve voted on the title they want to see that night, they take part ownership in the show and are truly invested.

Have you performed at the Adelaide Fringe before? Are you excited to be in Adelaide?
It’s our third time. We love it here. Aussies and Adelaidians in particular are really funny and love the piss taken out of everything, which we love to do.

Your show is at The Box in The Garden of Unearthly Delights. The vibe in The Garden is always electric. Are you excited to be performing there?
We absolutely adore the Garden- the vibe, the audiences, the staff, the whole party atmosphere. It really feeds our souls and our show, which has a real party feel to it.

If there was one sentence you could tell people about your show what would it be?
If you love musicals, you’ll love the show, and if you hate musicals, you’ll love it even more.

Interview By Anastasia Lambis

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