Another Night at the Musicals @ The Box, The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide 15/2/2019

Ok for those who only read the first few lines of a review here you go; GO SEE THIS SHOW! Buy your tickets now! It’s full of cheesy but good cheesy musical songs that you all know and love. Le Gateau Chocolate and Jonny Woo are the perfect hosts to a laugh a second and singing every minute show. Buy tickets now! Link is right here (can’t make it any easier for you).

Now for those that want to read a bit more about the show it started off with La Gateau Chocolate and Jonny Woo dressed in red shiny sequined showgirl outfits singing All That Jazz. From that moment on I was dazzled by sparkles and bright lights, swooning over the smooth baritones of La Gateau Chocolates’ voice and blushing like a schoolgirl by the cheeky misbehaving’s of Jonny Woo.

This show is risqué and raunchy is the best possible way you can be with musical theatre tunes and the chemistry between the two stars is wonderfully entertaining. To quote them “This show is where musical theatre comes to die!” But oh it dies such a fast and furious death full of excitement. The audience were laughing and screaming with delight.

There’s shimmy shakin’, flamboyant red boas, glitter and sequins, bubbles and water squirting as well as more costume changes than what you would see at a Beyoncé concert making this show one not to miss. I will never forget the sweet strawberry like smells wafting La Gateau Chocolates’ costume each time he walked past twirling in his featherlike pink costume. It was so much fun.

Its a sing along special to every song written for musical theatre including hits from Cabaret, Gypsy, Xanadu (yes now that’s a big smash hit show), Cats and so many more. There’s even a Jukebox opportunity where they do quick a capella versions of songs requested by the audience.

Be prepared when seeing this how as there is audience participation with singing and dance moves. I try to not make myself a target when I see Fringe shows but in this case I completely failed. I was the lucky (or unlucky depending how you see things) audience member who was called up on stage. Apparently it was my birthday and I wrote to them requesting a surprise celebration.

Sitting on stage witnessing the whole audience up dancing and motioning the moves of Grease Lightening was once special way to celebrate my birthday even though it was back in December! Thanks Jonny Woo for adding that something special to the show for me!

It may be the start of the Fringe season and I’m calling it from now but this comes close to being one of my favourite shows for this year. Go see it!

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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