The Offspring @ Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide 5/12/2018

Adelaide turned up the heat with one of its hottest days for a while so punk fans went to sweat it out at Thebarton Theatre seeing California punk rockers Offspring pay homage to their classic album Smash. Their popularity has not waned one iota with the show selling out within hours and no doubt could have sold more moving to a bigger venue. Even now Smash is still hugely popular selling well over eleven million copies playing a huge part in bringing punk rock in to the mainstream.

The band is largely Dexter and Noodles and there has been no explanation for Greg K who was replaced by Tony Kanal from No Doubt. There is a real sense of excitement in the room being the first show of the Australian tour. It was hot, sweaty and a lot of fired up fans who were ready to go full bore right from the start of Nitro (Youth Energy) followed by the iconic Bad Habit and how can you go past the line “you stupid dum shit, god damn motherf***er!” Dexter’s opening comment was “this is crazy, it’s so hot in here, we’re playing the record mostly in order” even commenting on the audience’s singing which could be heard by the entire “neighbourhood”.

The crowd went nuts for Gotta Getaway and Genocide. Even after Something To Believe In Dexter did say to Noodles that they should talk for a minute to this energetic and impressionable crowd. Come Out And Play brought the house down and got the moshers going proving to be one of many highlights. Even today there’s so many songs from Smash that still stack up with the likes of So Alone, Not The One and their cover of Killboy Powerhead. Dexter asked the fans if they knew the songs at the end of the album and there was a resounding yes. It did seem like a bit of a tease to save Self Esteem to last, playing it out order from the album. Hot damn! Self Esteem was so good! Dexter said that’s the whole record and disappointingly the record company promised cocaine and blow jobs to no avail.

With a brief break to recharge the second part of the show was focused on their extensive greatest hits collection. Jesus, which ones would they leave out? Straight out the blocks it was You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid and then All I Want. Noodles said they were going to try something different for the summer pulling out of the trick bag a cover of AC/DC’s Whole Lotta Rosie. Crikey! They gave this one the right royal touch up.

The crowd were full of voice on Why Don’t You Get A Job? (Can’t Get My) Head Around You saw some significant technical difficulties with Noodles saying you all rocked so hard you blew up the sound system, even adding a conspiracy theory suggesting Green Day were responsible for hacking their shit. With sound crew working under pressure to try and fix things it was hard to regain that momentum. The band did return for one more in The Kids Are Alright to close out the night. The crowd were left hanging for Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) but not to be. Not a bad way to leave the crowd wanting a little bit more leaving a strong appetite for a return visit some time soon. Great show and now to find my copy of Smash!

Live Review by Rob Lyon 

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