Custard, Ghyti, Tanya From HR @ The Gov, Adelaide 14/9/2018

When Custard was announced that they would be playing The Gov I was well and truly beyond excited. It has been so long and trying to remember the last time is a little bit hazy for me but I reckon it would of had to been one of their last Adelaide shows for a while at Magill Campus back in 1999. Nevertheless, what a way to spend a Friday night and the supports were well worth a look with Tanya From HR and Ghyti. Both supports impressed and I’ll be hunting down for some of their music. Interestingly, Custard have been quoted as saying they’d like to play with a Custard covers band, I think Ghyti fits that bill perfectly.

It was about Custard and as Dave McCormack said “Do we really need intros?” He continued on saying “we’re going to give it a red hot go”. There was definitely something about the demeanour which suggested this was going to be something memorable. Kicking off with Hit Song McCormack then asked the crowd if there were any questions before getting in to Anatomically Correct. Feeling feisty and wanting to undermine that McCormack said that in the grand scheme of things the band had waited two years to play the best version of that song serving as the intro to In The Grand Scheme Of Things (None Of This Really Matters). After We Are The Parents (Our Parents Warned Us About) it was a quick check of the heart rate before playing Pack Yr Suitcases. 

After Alone McCormack said this is turning out ok (why would it not?). 2000 Woman from their new album Common Touch is an absolute ripper. The crowd were yelling out all sorts of requests prompting the response that the set list was worked out ages ago and that they couldn’t rock up in Adelaide without a set list which had been subject to focus groups and all sorts and despite the scrutiny McCormack thought they were winning. 1990’s was classic Custard gold as was The New Matthew, Contemporary Art, Music Is Crap and Girls Like That.

The end of the set was near with all the fast songs coming prompting a check that the heart rate was up. McCormack did say to the Adelaide folk they have made some old men really happy but not only that I think Custard had made some Adelaide fans really happy also. Bringing it on home and finishing on their big hit Apartment was just unreal. The band returned for an encore with McCormack saying how perceptive the crowd was knowing they were coming back. The highlight for me in the encore was Ringo (I Feel Like) reminding me how good Australian music was in 90s and how much better the scene is having Custard playing shows again.

Live Review by Rob Lyon

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