Paul Dempsey @ The Gov, Adelaide 15/9/201

Something For Kate front man Paul Dempsey made another return to the Kingdom for a sold out solo acoustic show at the home of live music The Gov. This show had been sold out for quite some time and those who did not buy a ticket really did miss out. This show for me will definitely make the highlights reel for 2018 it was that brilliant.

Paul Dempsey is quite the entertainer with an expansive back catalogue of solo songs, Something For Kate songs to choose from and a few surprise covers to keep the fans who literally hung off every note guessing. Dempsey describes his banter as a bit awkward but it is humorous adding some charm to his set. Something always happens in his Adelaide shows and tonight is no different. It was funny to see that each time he approached the microphone he’d get some annoying feedback which saw him duck, twist and weave to break through the curse of the microphone feedback prompting the response “welcome to soundcheck” then taking a looking downwards saying his attire was blending in with the carpet.

From here it was two hours of brilliance with Dempsey rarely putting a foot wrong. Opening with Blindspot followed by the first of many Something For Kate gems Max Planck. Dempsey said it was great to be back in the Kingdom (this long standing reference never tires). Volunteers was next followed by a tune about wellness Strange Loop with Dempsey asking if everyone was OK? There was a new song thrown in there to which Dempsey said none of you have heard this before, that’s optimism for you.

Deja Vu sounded awesome played acoustic and there were some big cheers when Dempsey removed his jacket with Dempsey saying “you really hated that jack?” The crowd yelled out for him to keep going also suggesting that shoes off was so 2003. Dempsey described Out Of The Airlock as having horrible lyrics filled with violence and if you wanted to sing-a-long to do so.

The first cover was Tom Wait’s Downtown Train (some confused this with Rod Stewart) from which Dempsey said next was “a stark contrast, here’s one of mine, the worst pick up line overture to someone” playing Be Somebody. The great moments kept coming with Morningless and Monsters. The cover of World Party’s Ship Of Fools seemed topical given the current state of play. The Astronaut from Something For Kate’s Beautiful Sharks album made a rare entrance in to Dempsey’s set and the ever so popular Captain (A Million Miles An Hour) was superb followed by more Paul Dempsey gold by way of Take Us To Your Leader and Ramona Was A Waitress.

It was right about now where Dempsey said he was up for playing a long set and didn’t if fans were tired. Holy smokes! The cover of Inxs’s Never Tear Us Apart was brilliant and the crowd agreed singing along in unison. The main set finished on Theme From Nice Guy and Idiot Oracle from Strange Loop. 

Returning for an encore was greeted by the response “imagine if I didn’t come back?” (Well Paul, the villagers would tear the place down!). Bird In A Basement and another gem Truly (original by Jody Bleyle) brought this one on home. Even after playing for two hours Dempsey was out at the march desk saying haying, signing whatever and taking a few selfies. Top guy! Top show! The gates to the Kingdom are always open for Mr Paul Dempsey.

Live Review by Rob Lyon

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