Matterhorn, Propane Candy @ The Gov, Adelaide 25/8/2018

When two local acts announce a show at the cavernous Gov venue in Adelaide, you’re concerned just how many people will be there. For bands such Propane Candy and headliners Matterhorn, I needn’t have been worried.

Propane Candy are a good time, fun rock n roll band reliving their youth covering the 80’s classics you all know. You know, those songs you sing in the shower or driving to work where no one can hear you. Well Propane Candy allow you to sing them loud, proud and unashamed. You want to be Axl or Diamond Dave, go ahead and scream in a way that only tight fitting spandex can do.

The band start with Whitesnake’s Fool For Your Loving quirky followed by Leppard’s classic Pour Some Sugar On Me. Having seen the band a few times this year already, you can hear they are getting better and better, the tight confines of The Gov stage not diminishing their energy.

The sound system works to fantastic effect during The Cult’s Wildflower when the bass drops and my drink starts frothing in my hand and the hairs stand up on my neck. Sweet Child O Mine is played with both guitarists Chuck Steel and Van Wylde duelling the epic solos beautifully.

The night takes a turn into glory shortly after with a exceptional rendition of Wanted Dead Or Alive, with the crowd echoing vocalist Izzy Candy’s ‘wanted’ line throughout. Lifted to another level by the crowd singing along, they finished with party classics Just Like Paradise and Nothin’ But A Good Time, this was a triumphant performance of the band who keep getting better and better. Next up is a support with Paradise Kitty in late September which you’d be well advised to go to.

The compare without compare tonight is DJ Motormouth who keeps the turntables spinning with classic rock tunes in between sets before Matterhorn take the stage.

The first of two sets, the Adelaide metal-heads electrify the audience with a setlist heavy with tracks from their debut album Crimes Of Man. Vocalist Amanda Ozolins is equal parts heavy-metal scream and husky bar room singer as she prowls the stage looking for her next victim.

Tracks such as Asylum, Burial Ground and Spear Of Destiny are warmly greeted as the four piece original tracks are played; throwbacks to a time when metal ruled the earth without being cliché. They are good , really good. The guitar work from Brendan Ozolins is exceptional, backed by the powerful machine that is the rhythm section of bassist Steve Opitz and drummer Jaryd Dorey.

A short interlude ensues with DJ Motormouth cranking out more classics before Matterhorn appears to finish tonight’s extravaganza of classic rock/metal with their own set of covers

To be frank, Ozzy Osbourne’s I Don’t Know has never sounded better while The Trooper is done justice with the help of Amanda’s searing vocals. Sabbath’s War Pigs takes it the next level as the, extremely lubricated, crowd get right into it down the front. It’s all here and more, Immigrant Song has the power of a jet taking off while standard Matterhorn live staple Heaven And Hell is aired to an ever more vocal audience

It was a night of classic rock and metal. From a time when music was better because being talented meant more than being pretty. For some people, they will never see the originals plays these songs, for others it gave them a time to reminisce. What it gave everyone though was a damn good show and we all know of course, there ain’t nothin’ but a good time and it don’t get better than this.

Live Review by Iain McCallum

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