Fire At Fowlers (NETGIGS) @ Fowlers Live, Adelaide 24/8/2018

On Friday 24 August 2018 Fowler’s Live hosted Fire at Fowler’s, a showcase featuring eight of South Australia’s finest independent artists. In preparation, I showered, jumped into my tracky dacks and ordered a pizza because with the assistance of NETGIGS, an online live streaming platform, Fire at Fowler’s was streamed live to my living room and the world.

NETGIGS has brought live music viewing into the twenty first century making it accessible to anyone with a device that internet access. In this modern era of having everything at your fingertips NETGIGS ensures that you are front row for that gig you couldn’t get tickets to or couldn’t get a babysitter in order to go to.

Jack Buchanan, a 17 year old vocalist/ guitarist from Port Elliot, opened the broadcast with his smooth folk sounds. What was immediately noticeable was the crisp sound quality and high definition picture the stream offered. The audio and visual quality was of such a high calibre that it was somewhat surprising yet simultaneously enticing; it made you want to keep watching to see if the whole stream would be this good.

Tough Boys took to the stage next with their unique brand of eighties Power Rock and from this point NETGIGS began to demonstrate its full repertoire. The myriad of cameras around Fowler’s Live began being utilised allowing those viewing from home to get a 360 degree experience of the event.

Singer/ songwriter Paula Standing followed with her soulful, tale telling set that was unfortunately interrupted by buffering which continued with semi-regularity for the remainder of the stream. Closing down other open tabs assisted somewhat to curb this, but it failed to stop it permanently. Heavy rock outfit Nuseum, singer/ songwriter Damon Sparkes, rockers Imogen Brave, guitarist/ vocalist Ben Whittington and the hard rock Audio Reign subsequently came across glitchy which was disappointing as their sets were unable to be witnessed in their full capacity.

As far as the overall experience goes, NETGIGS are on the path to a winner. While nothing beats the exhilaration of experiencing a live gig in the flesh, the live streaming experience ensures you never have to line up for the toilets, or the bar; it guarantees you don’t have to worry about what you’re wearing or what you look like; you’ll be sure to have your hearing fully in tact the next day; and you can have food delivered whenever you want without missing a moment of the show. It is an excellent substitute, permitting your internet connection cooperates, for when you want to see a band, but for some reason cannot.  Fire at Fowler’s ended up being a wonderful Friday night in thanks to NETGIGS.

Live Review By Anita Kertes

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