South Australia’s official 36-piece police concert band are bringing their show Cop Stars to the Adelaide Festival Centre’s Something On Saturdays winter entertainment program. Every Saturday during the winter kids of ages 1-12 and their families can choose from a list of fun live performances.

Showcasing the a melodically masterful mash-up of music you love to hear they bring all the crowd favourites that will make it hard for you to not sing-a-long or tap your toes! Constable Melissa McCraig from the  answers a few questions for us at Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

Cop Stars is playing at this year’s Something On Saturday at the Adelaide Festival Centre. What can we expect at the show?
Lots of songs that families love to sing and dance to – soundtracks from Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks as well as some old favourites like Superman and Star Wars.

How long have the band been playing together? Has the band played at Something On Saturday before?
The band was formed more than 130 years ago! Most of the current band members have been playing together for 10 – 30 years.  I’ve been in the band for 10 years. So, we all know each other pretty well!

What is it like to compere the show?
I love connecting with audiences and helping people in the community to understand what we do and how Police are there to keep everyone safe. But yes, this is the first time we have been part of Something on Saturday.

Many of the songs that you will be playing in the show are from musicals. Who decides which songs will be performed by the band?
The Director of Music ultimately decides but we work things out in collaboration.  It’s all about what the audience will enjoy the most!

Have you consciously chosen songs that the kids will like and know so well? Does this help in getting them involved in the show?
Yes absolutely.  This show is all about getting the kids and their parents singing along and engaging with the band.

Will there be opportunities for everyone to sing-a-long or even dance?

Has the band played at the Adelaide Festival Centre before? If so what is it like to play in such a prestigious venue? If not, how will it feel to play there?
Yes, we’ve played there many, many times.  It’s a beautiful venue – for both performers and for audiences.

The band has played in front of the Queen for her ninetieth birthday. That would have been such a buzz. What was that like?
It was wonderful! We worked really hard to prepare our performance for Her Majesty.  The show was with other bands from all over the world, in the grounds of Windsor Castle, and we were really proud of what we produced.

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

For more information about Something About Saturdays head to the official website.

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