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William Crighton has announced a national tour for July/August 2018, giving this acclaimed singer songwriter an opportunity to showcase songs from his new album, Empire.

Empire sees Crighton expand his study of the human psyche, hard close-ups meet a roving widescreen lens. It is a songbook of breathtaking insight. The flame of the human spirit is, in Crighton’s hands, shown to be the most powerful force at work in 21st Century Australia: one that produces both soot and shadow, but also guiding light, illuminating both the painful past and the difficult path forward along which hope will always chime. William Crighton does a quick Q&A about the album Empire.

Is there a feeling of relief that Empire is finished?
More happy that it’s done than relieved.

Did this album challenge you ways that you never thought it would?
It made us all dig deep and some times confront things that at times were uncomfortable. Took us by surprise a few times too.

Did you have a clear vision of where you wanted to take this album?
The music and songs led the process. We put faith in that. I had a vision to make something that was it’s own thing and true to all involved.

Were your ideas fairly well consolidated before recording them?
A lot of happy accidents.

Did the songs take on a life of their own in the studio?
Yes I think so – but they take on a life of their own every time we play them. I like that we recorded them very soon after the writing process, you can hear that energy in the recordings.

Were did the inspiration come from for Empire?
The worlds around us.

How have the launch shows gone so far?
The best yet!

How do you find it with your wife in the band?
I love playing music with family.

How was your debut Canadian tour and is there more overseas tour action planned?
It was a great time and I can’t wait to head back. We’re heading to Europe, US and Canada after this tour.

Where to next for William Crighton?
Who knows. See where the music takes me.

Interview by Rob Lyon

For more info head to www.williamcrightonmusic.com.au

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