Jet @ Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide 9/6/2018

Adelaide rock city was spoilt for choice with plenty of shows on across town to feast on. For me, it was hard to go past Jet who were celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of their classic debut album Get Born which to this very day stands tall with the very best of them. My affinity with Jet goes right back to the beginning when they played their first Adelaide show at Enigma Bar in 2003 with The Mess Hall and The Trafalgars. Since then I’ve looked on like a proud father experiencing the highs and lows with this great band.

Nic, Chris, Cam and Mark are talented lads and the magic that made them so good in the beginning is still there. What was pleasing about this performance was watching them just enjoying being up there playing with no pressure or expectation about when the next number one is going to come. It was a good rock crowd that assembled to watch Jet play Get Born in full from start to end. The album is that good it makes me wonder if that was a curse and whether their career trajectory would be have been different if that was their second album? Nevertheless, Get Born is unbeatable and there were no surprises with the first part of their set.

Right out of the blocks and we were away with Last Chance followed by that infamous bass line of Are You Gonna Be My Girl? which brought the house down. Rollover DJ was great with Chris saying “Good evening, welcome, we’re a rock band from Melbourne, Victoria. We started fifteen years ago, still going, pretty good hey?” The first of the ballads Look What You Have Done was gold revving things up again with Get What You Need. Chris introduced his ‘lil brother Nic to take over the vocals on the Stones inspired Move On.

So many great songs wheeling out the likes Get Me Outta Here, Cold Hard Bitch and Take It or Leave It. With the end of Get Born coming by way of Lazy Gun and Timothy the door was open for some hits from Shine On and Shaka Rock. Shaka Rock is a very underrated album and it was great to hear some of my favourites She’s A Genius, Seventeen, Walk and Black Hearts (On Fire). The main set finished with plenty of fire with Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is firing the band up to return for an encore. Shine On was great as was Bring It On Back and leaving nothing in the tank with Rip It Up. Fantastic show and I’ll will be looking on with interest like that proud father hoping there’s another album some time soon.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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