Even “Satin Returns”

The elder statesmen of Australian indie rock Even return with their seventh album aptly titled Satin Returns. Holy smokes! This album is an absolute ripper packed full of eleven indie rock gems just waiting to be heard. There’s plenty to like about Even remaining true to their sound yet sounding so fresh and exciting. The test of how good any new album is how many times it gets a thrashing before it gets tiresome. Well, after twelve listens now it is still on my player and my challenge now is picking a favourite. Is it wrong to have eleven favourites?

The album cover art is striking with Ash, Wally, Matthew indie rock swagger immersed with a haze of pink and purple. So cool! It has been slow going while the band piece this album together but the wait has been more than worth it and should receive plenty of positive attention. Where does it fit on the Even music spectrum? Well, for me it is definitely a cross between A Different High and Less Is More. This one’s impact is immediate and will bowl you over. The Opener is exactly that! A sure fire way to set the tone of the album. Victoria was released as a single last year and is catchy as all hell. That lush sound combing bass, guitar and drums is fantastic.

Thumbs up for indie rock gems Out Of The Woods, Falling Down and Jet Black which will no doubt be staples in the live set for quite some time to come I would imagine. Indian Ocean is a subtle change of pace and absolute joy with its mesmerising melody and lyrics. The epic moment on this album is the nine minute opus Return To Stardust spanning nearly nine and a half minutes. It’s hard to not think Pink Floyd with the band taking this one to a whole new level.

No doubt Satin Returns is brilliant and I’ll be rushing out to make sure I get the limited edition hot pink vinyl release… get on it!

Album Review by Rob Lyon

To purchase your copy of Even’s Satin Returns head to https://even.bandcamp.com/album/satin-returns

Even - Satin Returns

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