“Who Is Your Daddy”? The Funny Side Of Parenting @ The Sky Room, Griffins Hotel, Adelaide 4/3/2018

It’s Sunday night and there is the distinct foul stench of broken spirits in the room. A quick glance around reveals a high proportion of under-slept young parents, who like us, have come on the promise of experiencing “the funny side of parenthood”. Entering the venue, I failed to see how this was actually possible, but I head along to find out anyway.

“Who’s Your Daddy?” is a stand-up show, emceed by Terry North and featuring three comedians who give their own take on fatherhood. Kicking off with Greg Fleet, the most notable of tonight’s line-up, we are presented with a rage of irreconcilable tales “from the mouths of babes” including those of unintentional racism, and victimising of the disfigured gentleman at the supermarket. We’ve all been there, and we all know there’s no hole deep enough to hide when it happens.

Next up was local talent Fabien Clark. Wow! This guys is brilliant. Looking like he’s stepped straight off the bus from Nimbin, he delivers a hilariously witty yet articulate commentary of being a father of 4. If this is a glimpse of his upcoming Fringe Show ‘The Newborn Supremacy’, then book me a ticket now.

The evening closed with another local Mickey D who delivered a series amusing anecdotes such as those about the wife with radar-like hearing, and the unpredictability of a child’s first words. It’s about now that all parents in the room realise that such stories are not confined to their own situation, but are common amongst all who experience the ‘joy’ of raising children.

To say that almost every story is relatable to parents is an understatement. When they happen to you… it’s a nightmare, but when they happen to others it’s hilarious. Jeez, before I could even sit down to type this I had to pick up the complete contents of a deluxe 96pc pack of Crayola crayons that my two year old had unceremoniously upturned and emptied on the dining room floor. As the saying goes “If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry” or as Greg Fleet so eloquently put it “Comedy: 1, Truth: nil”. Comedy was definitely the winner this time around.

Four Stars

Fringe review by Lindsay Bulach

For more info and tickets to “Who’s Your Daddy”? The Funny Side Of Parenting head to https://adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/who-s-your-daddy-the-funny-side-of-parenthood-af2018

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