Rouge @ The Octagon At Gluttony, Adelaide 25/2/2018

Sultry. Sexy. Spectacular.

Leave your inhibitions outside the tent when seeing Rouge, as the energy levels are high and the sexual tension electric in this show. Rouge is a show that perfectly blends cabaret, acrobatics, slapstick, all the while intertwined with cheeky play on sexual attraction, gender and dominatrix.

The show begins with an operatic solo. A dramatic and powerful start which also serves as an introduction to the performers for the evening. Each performer on stage has their own area of specialty which is performed through a rapid and tumultuous journey of fire-eating, risk-taking acrobatics, dancing, burlesque, and comedy.

The acrobatics are a definite strength within the show and more than once make you gasp at the dare-devilish risks in the hope that no one falls.

All of the performers work cohesively and make the show flow effortlessly. But even more than the performances, are the performers themselves to be admired. Three well-sculpted males, accompanied by three sultry, sensual ladies. The performers play on this and tease the audience with their charm and their bodies both on stage, and while interacting among the audience.

Rouge is a show that never drops momentum and energy, all the while keeping your attention, and stirring up lustful thoughts until the very end.

Five Stars

Fringe Review by Ilona Schultz

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