Club Gotham: Villains Of Vaudeville @ Nexus Arts, Adelaide 23/2/2018

Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed, roger ready to geek out!

Club Gotham: Villains Of Vaudeville is one of a handful of cabaret shows at this year’s Adelaide Fringe, presented by the amazing JustAss League Burlesque troupe, along with Dawn Of JustAss: A DC Comics Burlesque Tribute.

This sultry and seductive salute to supervillains of the seedy underside of Gotham was sensational, providing a perfect blend of sauciness, while paying homage to something clearly dear to the hearts of all there.

Provocative costumes set against a selection of well thought out tunes and blended with some wonderfully unabashed performances were only part of the allure, as we were treated to a cavalcade of Gotham’s naughtiest. The Riddler writhed to sultry grooves, Two Face flappered and Harley (picture a blonde bombshell Amy Winehouse) hula’d… although not as much as Robin. Penguin sung in the rain, Poison Ivy Poison’d us and Miss Freeze chilled the capacity audience, holding them frozen with delight and anticipation. All the while, both villains and the audience were kept in check by the master of ceremonies, the clown Prince of Crime himself – The Joker.

Make sure you head down to Nexus Arts at the Lion Arts Centre to catch this and the JustAss Leagues other brilliant shows, missing them would be criminal.


Four and A Half Stars

Fringe Review by Peter Lanyon

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