Borders By Henry Naylor @ Holden Street Theatres, Adelaide 20/2/2018

Borders is playing at the Holden Street Theatre for the whole of the Adelaide Fringe and I expect its popularity to go from strength to strength. This is the third year in a row that Holden St has presented a play for the Fringe by the playwright Henry Naylor.  I was lucky enough to see Angel by the same author last year and it was the best play I saw last year.

Borders is equally as good as Angel I highly recommend that anyone that loves an excellent play should go and see it.

Borders stars two actors who do not interact with each other. Each actor takes it in turn to act out their own story.

There are no props except for 2 stools. Graham O’Mara plays an English photojournalist. Avital Lvova plays a nameless woman who we see experiencing the civil war in Syria under the Assad Regime. Avital played the title role of the aforementioned Angel last year for Holden St Theatre.

The two stars are exceptional actors and they both draw you into this powerful play and it is hard to take your eyes off of them. It is emotional and will stay with you long after you have left the theatre. This is not your ordinary historical play as the conflict in Syria is still happening today and this adds poignancy to the play.

Four and A Half Stars

Fringe Review by Richard De Pizzol

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