Blanc De Blanc @ Fortuna Spiegeltent at Garden Of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide 20/2/2018

Tuesday evening’s audience tittered with anticipation as they settled into the newly-refurbished Fortuna Spiegeltent after traversing through the hedonistic savors of the Garden of Unearthly Delights.

We knew we were in for a tantalising treatment of the senses after encountering champagne-wielding performers strutting through the restless crowd.  However, the show started off in quite a “de rigueur” fashion with a lot of sexy posturing by the cast and postillation in French by our maître’d’ for the evening, Monsieur Romeo.

But the initial mood of titillation soon returned when a flame-haired beauty wowed us with a giddy aerial exhibition involving a hotel porter’s cart.  From then on, for the next two hours, our thirst for scandalous burlesque continued to be sated with some amazing acts defying both gravity and the logic of human flexibility.

Bubbles, sparkles, euphoria, hilarity, salacious sexiness and a whole lot of wetness kept the audience enthralled. Maître’d’ Romeo, Spencer the harlequin and a scantily-clad cast of fine human specimens wowed us with their flexibility, acrobatics, eccentricities and a celebration of all things sexy.

Not for the priggish, woe betide the first few rows of audience members who didn’t want to get wet or up-close-and-personal with the performers.   For me, audience immersion just adds to the experience, so I recommend jumping in early to nab these seats and settle in with a glass or two of nothing else, but the finest bubbles.

It’s a perfect night out if you’re willing to succumb to lascivious lewdness and risqué glamour, all set to a bouncing soundtrack.  Hands down, the most polished, professional and splendid Fringe show I’ve seen in 20 years.  Raise your glasses and “Sláinte” to Blanc de Blanc!

Five Stars

Fringe Review by Kim Burley

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