The Bridge @ Studio At Bakehouse Theatre, Adelaide 19/2018

This great play started it’s life in Vancouver Canada as a 15 minute play which was then expanded to a full length version by the talented Nick Rinke and Caitlin Docking who have been friends since high school and have been acting together for about 10 years. One Indiegogo crowd funding campaign later and they have been able to bring this play to The Adelaide Fringe
The Bakehouse theatre is a wonderful venue and including The Bridge I have only seen good plays there. The Bakehouse has been hosting Adelaide Fringe shows for many years and I hope they continue to
The Bridge is a very well acted and very effective piece. The actors really take you into their post-apocalyptic world. Although the set and props are minimal the actors makes you suspend disbelief and draw you into their story of looking for some sort of sign of civilisation while doing anything to alleviate their boredom
When creating the story Caitlin and Nick wanted to invent characters that an audience could care about, with as many moments of levity and darkness. They have succeeded.
I hope that this is not the last time we see this talented group in Adelaide.
Four Stars
Fringe Review By Richard De Pizzol
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