Fart Lab 2: The Lingering @ The Balcony Room, Griffins Hotel, Adelaide 18/2/2018

I don’t care what age you are – Farts. Are. Funny. Entering into this show, I really didn’t know what to expect. All I hoped – was that this show was not ‘odour-iffic’! I had my two kids with me – Mr 11 looked excited, and Miss 9 looked unimpressed – this could go either way I thought.

The Professor Frank Hampster and his associate were the hosts of the afternoon and were here to teach us all they knew about farts and farty type things. It was at times, like an episode of Horrible Histories about farts. Interesting facts, famous people who farted as well as interesting media about farts, health facts, and even covered off fart etiquette.

What the kids will like the most is the opportunity to show off on stage their best ‘fart face’, or even their best ‘arm fart’. The show we attended had a young girl, who if arm farting was an Olympic sport – would be a gold medal winner!

There was adult humour interjected to keep the parents amused and overall was a show about science and learning – just on a funny topic.

The show did finish with a political spin, which may not sit well with everyone. The request was for everyone to make fart noises to the Australian national anthem, whilst an image of Malcolm Turnbull was shown. While I am all for a good political joke – I did find this taking things a bit too far and not showing respect or role-modelling that to a young crowd.

I would recommend this show for families with kids probably from age 4-12. Below 4, I think the show would miss the mark and go over their heads. Older than 12 would be deemed uncool. But take your kids at that age where farts are hilarious and their attention spans are enough to sit and listen – then this show will be a hit and possibly even re-created on the trip home after!

Three Stars

Fringe Review by Ilona Schultz

For more info and tickets to Fart Lab 2: The Lingering head to https://adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/fart-lab-2-the-lingering-af2018

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