Singer/song writer Evangeline from Melbourne is casting her dark glamour over popdom. Already capturing hearts and minds globally with My Kingdom remixed by hotshot LA producer William Black now the attention is very much focused on new EP Atelophobia as Evangeline explains.

Is it an exciting time building up to the release of the EP Atelophobia?
It is crazy. It’s funny though because I feel like I had to remind myself it was exciting. It’s so easy to get so overwhelmed with having everything perfect and all the nerves of having it out but yes, very exciting once you remind yourself to chill and enjoy the ride.

Can you believe how much hard work and time goes in to all this?
Hell yeah! I can. I am very conceptual with my projects so I feel the need to do every aspect on my own. I am a serious control freak so I am constantly creating, whether I’m making teaser videos and actually making the videos and writing treatments to accompany them. Most people would hire someone to help with these but for me, I need to be the person making it because it’s my concept. I don’t want it to be an interpretation of my concept.

How would you describe the EP?
The EP is made up of five songs which to me, go in their own very sonic and lyrical box. Atelophobia is a journey and made up of the very topics that have fuelled the feeling of not being good enough. It takes you on this journey with a story of boy meets girl, you fall in love, fall into the darkness, discover the darkness within and in the reflection of each others eyes, the addictions, being replaced, lost love and then hope.

Your bio says you write sad songs about sad boys, is song writing a therapeutic process for you?
Yeah for sure. To be honest, that particular line was sort of a joke. To me that line came from a dumb summation of what people thought I was. ‘Just another female pop artist writing about boys’ sort of thing ha ha! I’ve always kept it though because to me it has been a big part of the beginning of my writing. It always has been therapeutic. I am an introvert and always observe the characters that I surround myself with.

I joke about my gravitational pull towards the same kind of people to the point that at least four people are probably going to listen to my EP and be like ‘Oh this is so about me’ … narcissists really. I like covering dark topics with upbeat music to give a paradoxical feeling. I’ve always listened to sad music, I just enjoy it so much more and have found so much comfort in it that I hope that at least one person can find that comfort in me.

What is the perfect relationship for you if that is even possible?
Who said anything about perfect?

Are there any significant influences that have shaped your music?
I mean, real life. What shapes and influences my music is my interactions with people, my mood, pretty much everything. It’s funny because I am always drawn to the darker sides of things. Sometimes my happier songs are the saddest based on that memory or time being over. Sonically and lyrically music is entwined with thoughts and emotions and I love to reflect that as much as possible. My more dance based music reflects what I want to hear when I’m in that mood for going out. My slower songs are my therapy. I feel like this year already I have done a whole lot of soul searching and experimentation and I can already hear how its affecting me in the studio. I think it’s just so hard to pin down what shapes my music …  I could go on all day… ha ha.

How is the new album progressing?
It is progressing full speed ahead. I work with  themes and I feel like my EP Atelophobia, really is the introduction to some of the concepts to my new album. There are a lot of hints lyrically suggesting what is to come… however as far as sound a couple of months ago I switched and started all over again. I want it to be fresh and true to where I am now in life …  I am introducing some characters to this collection and loving being in the studio and vocally producing others for it.

With a world wide release do you feel the pressure or weight of expectation with the EP?
Sort of, but sort of not. Although it’s released worldwide I practically have no sonic history. I mean before this EP all I had was two singles out in the world. I need the exposure and time for it to connect with people, I am not the kind of person seeking fame or to be some kind of pop star. I’m here for the therapy and the connection I make with the people that find my music. I feel like if I was to feel the pressure I would be having the wrong goals, if you get me.

What is the biggest lesson you have learnt so far?
I’m not sure I can pin point one big lesson. I also don’t want to give the generic ‘stay true to yourself and your art’ lecture because I feel like we have all heard it before and know that. I guess if at gunpoint I had to say LESSON OF THE YEAR, it would probably be surround yourself with people you trust. There can be shady people who even on my low level spectrum will try and take advantage of you and even take credit. Avoid those kind of bad vibes because they will cause stress and 10 x Ben and Jerry Ice-cream cries/eats.

Are you looking to expand your horizons and tour overseas?
That would be amazing. I am so grateful for the touring I have already been exposed to in France and it has really given me a taste for touring and playing new places… So hopefully!

Where would you focus?
I would really love to play in the USA. It would be just so fun even to play in really tiny dive bars and just swing from the roof there… Ha ha weird dream of mine.

Any plans to tour Australia more extensively?
It is definitely being organised. I’ve only played Melbourne, Sydney and Geraldton so it would be good to fill out all the places in between!

What’s the plan from here?
I plan to be writing and playing and just creating content that I am proud of. I really just want to be playing live as often as possible and just getting deep into completing my next project.

Interview by Rob Lyon

Evangeline’s EP Atelophobia is out now from http://www.evangelinemusic.net/

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