American rocker Trapt are finally heading to Australia for their very first to tour here taking in all capital cities. The band’s career has spanned some twenty plus years clocking up seven studio albums and countless tours. There’s no doubt that crowds are going to go nuts for big anthemic rock hits Headstrong and Echoes. Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles spoke to main man Chris Brown about the tour and why it had taken so long to get to Australia.

It is great news that the band is finally coming down to Australia for your first tour?
Yeah! We’re excited! It has taken a while to get down there but we have never had an Australian promoter saying we’ll bring you over. It seemed like things just came together this time and we were already doing a show in Okinawa in Japan not that far away so let’s see if we can fit Australia in. Our agent knew an Australian promoter there who said that might work. We announced the shows and things have gone like crazy first day through a Facebook post. We’re looking forward to the tour and we’ll be giving our fans a show they’ll never forget. I can’t wait to get there, the beaches and everyone is close to the beach which is really cool. Looking to taking in the beautiful scenery.

Not having been here before it must be a tough job putting together a set list that will satisfy the fans considering?
We’ll definitely be playing the stuff people want to hear going through the entire back catalogue from over the years. There’s no doubt that we really do want to show what type of band Trapt is, where we’re coming from and we think everyone should be coming to our shows.

2016 was a big year for Trapt were you blown away by the reaction to the new album DNA given that it was crowd funded which would have made it even more satisfying?
Certainly, we are excited about it and we put a lot of effort in to the album and it turned out really good. The album was produced by ourselves and we knew exactly how we wanted to make our album. The plan is to have another one out in 2018 and we’re just about there.

Is the crowd funding model going to be the way of the future for the band?
I don’t know! I’m not sure if we will do that again, it is better when you already have all of the stuff done because you’ll never know until the record gets made or whether it will get done. It was great to be able to cover recording costs but this time it was about the fans and having them involved. The different types of pre-order options is great for fans.

Has much thought been given to what the next album might sound like?
There are some ideas floating around here and there but I don’t know just yet. It will be another awesome album though and we do have a lot of stuff pent up waiting to get out. Lyrically I’m not sure where it is going to go or what record it is going to be like until we knuckle down in to it.

Do the lyrics usually come before the music?
I usually sit around the couch writing songs on the acoustic guitar and when something comes to mind we’ll pull a song together or getting a hook or a lyric going and from there I usually get the band involved letting them do what they do which makes the song a full song. So it usually starts as an acoustic thing.

Is it frustrating that the lifespan for an album is getting shorter and shorter?
Yeah but bands are still putting out albums and it is still a preferred way to go for us. For us it has always been about a body of work rather than just one song.

Is the remainder of 2017 filled predominantly with touring?
Yeah, we touring Australia, UK then back to the States for Make America Rock Again tour in the summer then we’ll take a break and chill out.

Interview by Rob Lyon

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