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Luke Yeoward is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer who is probably more familiar in his old band the King Cannons who called time on their short career. In moving on he has forged a solo career and has released a solo record called Ghosts which features Chris Cheney (The Living End), J Bonner (The Black Emeralds), Dan Smith (ex Dear and Departed), Marc Orrell (ex Dropkick Murphys), Scott Abels (Hepcat) to name a few. Luke hits up Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles for a quick Q&A.

Did you feel more pressure going it solo after so much success with King Cannons?
No not at all, quite the opposite actually! Even though there is more pressure on me to perform extra tasks doing things this way, I feel quite liberated. For the first time I can work how ever I want and at my own pace. Creatively free as well. I was writing the songs that I wanted to write without having to worry too much about the opinions of others. It’s a pretty rad way to roll for a person like me.

Was it a hard decision walking away from a band that really was on the way up and going somewhere?
Really hard, it took a lot of deep thought and heavy conversations to make the decision to walk away. When we were good, we were really fucking good. King Cannons was a great band and I don’t regret a minute of it. I just wasn’t in a good head space. It really seemed like an uphill battle for me and I didn’t want to be doing what I was doing. Although we had what some would perceive as success, it felt like we were still struggling. It might have been “career suicide” for me, but I knew it was the right thing to do at the time.

Is the satisfaction greater when you’ve completed an album as a solo artist?
In this particular instance, yes. This has been the most satisfying album I have ever made. I’m really glad to be able to have got the funding for this and execute it in this fashion. It was definitely stressful at times, but at the same time the last years worth of work around this record has really been worth it in my heart.

How important was it to give some breathing space from when King Cannons called it a day to when you started embarking on your solo journey?
Very important. I didn’t even think I was going to come back to playing music to be honest. I had really thrown in the towel and had no intention of ever releasing and performing music again. That’s the kind of fucked up headspace I was in. At the time it was whan I needed to do though and I think if I hadn’t have taken such drastic action, I would not have been able to return with beginners eyes and see all new roads of possibility in front of me.

What influences stand out as being the most significant for you as a solo artist?
The same old stuff. The old American, British and Jamaican roots, reggae and rock and roll. I ain’t gonna start name dropping sorry! Too many…

Is it quite staggering when you reflect on it as how much effort goes in to making an album?
Yeah It is, it takes a lot of time, thought, heart and effort. I don’t think the average punter realises what goes in to making a record… but still, it’s not as staggering as raising two children on a working income! LOL

What do you think the biggest lesson learnt has been for you as a solo artist?
Get out and experience more stuff and you’ll write better songs.

Are you looking forward to touring the album nationally and what can fans expect from the show?
Yeah, hoping to put together a run of dates for later in 2017, but nothing confirmed yet! Would love to get around the country for sure! The live show is very diverse, when I play with my band its not too dissimilar from a King Cannons show, and when I perform solo it’s just me and a guitar and I sort f just pull songs out of an imaginary hat. It’s very intimate and conversational, yet still involving and exciting!

Where to next for Luke Yeoward?
I’m hoping to play more in Australia and New Zealand in 2017 and also make it back to the US. I’m going to start working on some new material too!

Interview by Rob Lyon

Ghosts is out now so head to to purchase your copy.

Luke Yeoward - Ghosts

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