Vanilla Gorilla

Vanilla Gorilla consists of five young dudes from the mid north coast of New South Wales who all share the passion for the earth, creating art and music. Drawing from influences of their surroundings they create their own salt water infused rock and roll adding their own touch to create Vanilla Gorilla. They have a new single out called Rainbow Girl and Jack Stanley from the band did a quick Q&A with Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

It must be exciting times with the release of your new single Rainbow Girl?
Yeah it is always really exciting releasing new things, the feeling of completing something and moving forward as musicians is always a good feeling!

What’s the story to this song?
Well the rhythm for Rainbow Girl Dylan (vocals, guitar, effects) and I started jamming on when we were still in high school and I always wanted to make it into a song but it just never happened until now, haha. Rainbow girl is basically a dream about the perfect girl and also an on going appreciation for Mother Earth and her many beauties. I guess the song is about recognising beauty and pushing positivity into people’s vibes wherever possible

How would you describe the Vanilla Gorilla sound?
I like calling it saltwater rock n roll , we play classic rock, reggae, blues all mixing together to make some sort of saltwater psychedelic sounds

Has the creative process kept going and are you writing for an album or EP?
Yeah rainbow girl will be the part of another Ep or album coming for you guys some time before the end of this year .

How did the name Vanilla Gorilla come about?
Ollis (guitar) dad came up with vanilla gorilla when we were young and we thought it was hell funny but funky haha but yeah it just stuck with us from there on.

Have you tried googling the name Vanilla Gorilla?
Hahaha I have now ! Just a bunch of albino gorillas, hahah

How did the band get together and were you all influenced by the same types of music?
Well we all grew up together , some of us went to primary school together. The band started with just me, Clay (drummer) and Dylan in year 8 just jamming in the music rooms and school doing Led Zeppelin, Cream and Jimi Hendrix covers haha but Oli and Isaac soon got involved. Yeah we all used to dig the same tunes ! All the old classics really but we all have our other select genres that we like.

How did the launch show go and are you looking to tour more broadly around the country?
The single launch was mental ! The Small Ball Room is such a good venue, really good sound there. We had a bunch of legends support us and a lot of rad like minded people rocked up also a lot of friends and family. Sooo yeah, we had a ball !! And yeah we are super keen to travel more with our music ! It’s always fun playing live music so yeah we will see where it takes us

What’s the biggest lesson learnt so far being in the band?
I think the biggest lesson is over coming nerves hahaha, it’s always a bit scary but I’ve just learnt that you really can’t afford to be nervous but it just plays with your mind!

Interview by Rob Lyon

Vanilla Gorilla’s new single Rainbow Girl is out now and available digitally…

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