Frenzal Rhomb “Hi-Vis High Tea”

Australian sweethearts Frenzal Rhomb are about to release their latest and ninth full length record Hi-Vis High Tea. A six year gap since Smoko at the Pet Food Factory, their biggest yet, but a gap that has included a pig tapeworm, a shattered humerus, a greatest hits record and fan voted setlist tour. So in no way has the gap been a break (except that is for Gordy’s arm…).

So has the wait been worth it… Shit yeah it has been!!

From the moment you pick it up, with the familiar artwork and song titles such as Cunt Act, I’m Shelving Stacks (As I’m Stacking Shelves) and Don’t Cast Your Aspergers On Me, there is no mistaking this as a Frenzal album.

And if there was still any doubt, hitting play on the 36 second opening track Classic Pervert (more like Classic Frenzal) should definitely remove it. From the opening yell of ‘Pervert!’ the tone is set and announces that Frenzal, as they always have, are sticking to what they do best. It’s short, hard, fast and as always super serious and politically correct… And who would want it any other way, except for maybe Kyle and Jackie O, those fucking flogs!

With 20 tracks in about 35 minutes they are all pretty short and sharp and whilst I don’t think the next Punch in the Face, Ship of Beers, Genius or You Cant Move Into My House is on there (or will ever be written for that matter…), I’m pretty sure the whole album could be translated into the Frenzal live show. I can even picture Jay armed with his acoustic guitar standing in a bong-smoke haze and belting out the three and a half minute epic power ballad and album ender Food Court.

Will Frenzal make any new fans with this album…? Well probably not, but if you don’t know and love them by now, you never will. When they tour the album later this year will it sell out? Yes. Will they play the new album? Yes. Will it be fucken awesome? Hell Yes! And I can I wait? No, bring that shit on!!

Review By Tim Nicholas

Frenzal Rhomb Hi-Vis High Tea is out on 26 May

Frenzal Rhomb Hi Vis High Tea

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