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The Smith Street Band have had a meteoric rise and that upward trajectory will no doubt continue with their fourth studio album More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me. To celebrate the release of the album the band is touring around the country playing theatre styled shows and also some instores at popular record stores around the country. Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles did a quick Q&A with bassist Michael “Fitzy” Fitzgerald.

Another album down, do you feel like you’re old hands at this now?
We’re definitely better at recording live than we were! We went in to this album way more prepared than we’ve ever been. When we started writing these songs we were recording demos as we went. Every day we would be in the rehearsal space, recording the songs all multi-tracked. We’d listen to them over night and realise what did and didn’t work, then go back in the next day and record a new version. It was a really productive and efficient way of writing, and meant we knew the songs inside out by the time it came to actually tracking the album.

Is the whole process of making an album easier now or is there the same types of challenges to overcome?
The only challenge for us really is making time to write and record in between touring!

Is there a hidden meaning behind the album name More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me?
It’s a line from the song Passiona, so have a listen and make of it what you will.

How would you describe the album sonically?
It’s richer and more dense, yet pulls back when it needs to. The guitars sound better than our other records! It’s more raw yet more polished if that makes sense.

Is it a buzz knowing that you’ll be playing some of the biggest venues around the country such as Thebarton Theatre in Adelaide?
Yeah totally! The only venue we’ve played before is the Tivoli in Brisbane which is so nice. It really is exciting playing all these theatres, visually it makes for such a nice musical environment. The Forum would be on every musician in Melbourne’s bucket list, and we’re feeling very grateful that we get to play there.

Instores are a really great idea, do you look forward to playing these types of shows?
Instores are a great chance to play to underage people. Sometimes it can be quite hard to organise an all ages or u18’s show, especially in Victoria. I’ve always loved seeing other bands play instores, it’s such an intimate experience.

Working out the set list must be a good challenge to have with so many good songs to choose from?
It’s getting harder and harder! We used to try and make sure we played enough songs from each release but with all the new songs sometimes we just can’t fit everything in. Plus we’re personally most excited to play all the new stuff.

From a fan perspective it was great to see the band stand up to Ticketmaster. Were you satisfied with the response and you going to keep challenging them and their policies?
Not at all. Their response was basically saying that it’s not their fault that we sell tickets too cheap and that it’s fair for them to facilitate ticket scalping at insanely inflated prices. Unfortunately we have to sell tickets through Ticketmaster with some of the venues we’re playing on this tour. Hopefully there is an ACCC investigation and something constructive can come out of it.

Is overseas tour action next for the band?
Of course! We’re heading on a short Euro run right after our Australian tour, then a bunch of shows in the UK and then off to the US later this year.

Post tour what’s the plan?
Probably go on tour again!

For more info on tour dates and instore appearances checkout The Smith Street Band website.

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