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Adelaide lads Bad//Dreems are set for big things in 2017 and this June they are heading out on a big tour with The Creases. On top of that their second album Gutful is coming out this week. Guitarist Alex Cameron completes a quick Q&A with Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

The upward trajectory continues for Bad//Dreems. When you look back can you believe how well things have gone for the band?
We constantly count ourselves lucky to have had the opportunities that we’ve had. It’s exceeded any ambitions or expectations by a long way.

It must be great going out on tour playing new songs from Gutful, do you feel like a proud parent with this album?
Nah, more like a kid embarrassed by their father at the school social.

Will it be a heap of fun touring with The Creases?
Very excited to tour with these guys. They’re great fellas and we love their stuff.

Do you get anxious playing new material that fans may or may not have heard?
Yeah there’s always a little bit of that. But at the end of the day you can’t control what people think. As long as we are happy with what we’ve done everything else is secondary.

Have you been happy with the reception of new single Feeling Remains?
Yeah people seem to like it.

What was it like working with Mark Opitz?
This was the second album we have recorded with Mark and his co-producer/engineer Colin Wynne. So it was a familiar environment. Mark has a great feel for distilling the essence of a band on tape and his resume speaks for itself. He’s really believed in and backed us, not only in the studio but in other matters too. We’ve had many laughs; deep and meaningful smoke breaks; and heard a great many stories.

What did you learn?
Feel is everything! Capri is a great holiday destination! Not to touch the guitar mics after Mr Opitz has arranged them! The INXS Kick tour was not boring!

How do you think the Bad//Dreems sound has evolved from the first album?
Gutful is not a radical departure from the first album. More a refinement. I think we captured the live aspect of the band better, with production that tends more towards the analogue sound of 70s guitar music rather than the digital inflections of the 80s.

What does the later part of 2017 after this tour hold for the band?
More tours, a show with our heroes Midnight Oil at Adelaide Oval and hopefully recording the next album.

Bad//Dreems are on tour this June with The Creases. Tour dates include…

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