Compelling future-soul vocalist, MAYA has released her thought-provoking new single, What After Now which is an earnest pledge to live in each passing moment.  Accompanying the track is an empowering, triumphant video that commands attention with its effortless cool. Maya dropped Hi Fi Way:The Pop Chronicles a line doing a Q&A about the new single.

How has 2017 been treating you so far?
2017 has felt very positive towards my music career. I have been working with some amazing people that have inspired me incredibly creatively. I am working hard on being a full time singer and feeling excited to grow.

Are you excited with how your single What After Now turned out?
Yes of course! Its been so reassuring to know people are liking the new vibe. I put a lot of love and thought into the layering of this track.

What was your reaction when you played it back in full for the first time?
It is always nerve racking hearing a track finished because I don’t think I ever quite feel like I have finished with my tracks. I always hear changes as I grow. Yet I was happy with the overall sound and its so reassuring to know others do too.

Was there that feeling that you nailed it?
I think we all feel like to a level but also never quite feel it. I just think my music is a growing process and each track will lead to ‘I nailed it’ track.

What’s the story behind the single?
My father would always say, what after now Maya? Why are you so stuck in your future when what you are doing right now is all the creates your future.

Did you enjoy working on the film clip?
I had a great time. It was a full day of styling myself and my sisters, while also trying visualise each shot. We were really trying to have fun with it and I think it comes across in the imagery.

Was there a particular message you wanted to push in the video?
I wanted to push the feeling of being confidant in your own skin. Not caring what everyone else looks like and just being who you are.

Are there plans for an EP or album?
Yes! I have a rather large EP dropping mid year.

How is that progressing and when is that likely to be out?
It is in its last stage mixing and will most likely drop second half of the year. I am really looking forward to people finally hearing my story.

What do you think makes a great single or is it all luck and timing?
I feel like it is something honest, while still catchy but mostly timing. You want people to be feeling the same emotions as you, or relate. Which all comes from a good story at the right time.

Any plans to do more shows around Australia including Adelaide?
I will be doing a small Australian tour end of this year. I would love to come to Adelaide, have had some great memories there!

Who has been the biggest influence on your career and why?
I would most likely say Lauryn Hill. Just because her album takes you on a journey. The interludes and different vibes for each song inspire me incredibly.

Interview by Rob Lyon

What After Now is out now through Bandcamp.

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